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Staff Directory
Ted Baker Systems/Database Administrator 845-365-8663 Ted
Maria Bouzeas Administrative Assistant 845-365-8341 Maria
Carl Brenner Technical Services Specialist 845-365-8754 Carl
Cristina Broglia Data Services Supervisor 845-365-8343 Cristina
Laureen Drab Logging Staff Scientist 845-365-8639 Laureen
David Goldberg Director 845-365-8674 David
David Grames Project Coordinator 845-365-8586 David
Gilles Guerin Logging Staff Scientist 845-365-8671 Gilles
Tanzhuo Liu Log Analyst 845-365-8630 Tanzhuo
Alberto Malinverno Principal Scientist 845-365-8577 Alberto
Walter Masterson Engineering/Logistics Coordinator 845-365-8610 Walter
Sally Morgan Logging Staff Scientist 845-365-8175 Sally
Dan Quoidbach Manager of Information Services 845-365-8542 Dan
Mary Reagan Deputy Director of Operations 845-365-8672 Mary
Golam Sarker Technical Analyst 845-365-8365 Golam
Angela Slagle Logging Staff Scientist 845-365-8444 Angela
Trevor Williams Logging Staff Scientist 845-365-8626 Trevor
Natalia Zakharova Graduate Student 845-365-8726 Natalia
Borehole Research Group at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, 61 RT 9W, Palisades, NY 10964