Monell Auditorium, LDEO

2009 ES-SSA Meeting

October 5-6

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Palisades, New York, 10964

Limousine Service (Airports to hotels or to Lamont Campus)

There is no special arrangement for airport to hotel transportation, because there are too many airports. You can take a taxi at the airport and go to your hotel, or you can arrange yourself through a local limousine service company that we deal with (Frontier Limousine).

Here is their address and contact numbers for your convenience.

Frontier Limousine
"Eastern Section of the Seismological Society of America 2009 Meeting" October 4-6, 2009

Office: 845-222-6196 or 201-257-2291
Toll free:888-311-4567 or 866-695-4001
E-mail: frontierlimo@gmail.com

Areas Newark  NY City  LGA   JFK  
Rockland  $75+5  $85+10   $90+19  $98+19   (All others)
Bergen    $70+5  $80+10   $85+19  $95+19   (Clinton Inn)

Additions are tolls; ($5 Newark, $10 NYC, $19 LGA and JFK).
The prices do not include gratuities (15-20%).
*To reserve a ride please submit the following:*

Cell/contact number:
Date/Arrival Time:
Arrival airport or train station:
Airline and flight number:
Departure city:

*Any return information*: Date, Time, Hotel Name
*Note* Travel Time from LDEO to Newark 1 Hour, LDEO to LGA 1 Hour, LDEO to JFK 1.25 Hours...
LDEO- Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Sedans(Lincoln Town Cars).

Lincolns have room for up to 4 passengers with luggage.
Also available is an SUV(7Passengers) and Vans(12 passengers)

Frontier Limousine *does not charge* waiting time on delayed flts.. We internally track the flight. We can send you a contact info page with phone numbers and email.

Another idea to consider would be if multiple flts. are arriving at same time and same airport we could group them to a sedan or van. I hope I have answered your questions! Any others please ask..