Monell Auditorium, LDEO

2009 ES-SSA Meeting

October 5-6

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Palisades, New York, 10964


Presenter Information

Oral presentations will be in the Monell Auditorium. For the exact time and room of any presentation, please check the meeting program.

You will have access to a laptop with LCD projector, wireless remote, and a laser pointer.

Please bring your presentation to the meeting on a flash drive or CD to load on the in-room laptops. There will be the following Audio/Visual Equipment:

  • Microsoft Windows PC laptop with PowerPoint and Acrobat Reader

You will not be able to use your own laptop for your presentation. You may load your presentation on one of the conference laptops before the first session (8:30-9:00), during the coffee break, or during lunch preceding your presentation. A technician will assist with the loading.

Please remember that you are allocated 15 minutes total. This includes time for you to be introduced, give your presentation, answer any questions, and do any wrap-up. Therefore, plan your actual presentation for no more than 12 minutes. We have a tight schedule, and it is important that each presenter stay within the time limit.

If you have any special AV requirements or audio clips that go along with your presentations, please e-mail ES-SSA 2009 before October 1, 2009 and we will try to make necessary arrangements.

Poster Information

Your poster board will be in the Lamont Hall.

The poster area will open at 8:30 AM, 30 minutes before the sessions begin each day. Please hang your poster sometime before 8:30 AM the day of your session if possible. Your poster will need to be taken down by 5:30 PM the day of your session.

When you get to the meeting, you will be asked to post a notice at your poster as to what specific time(s) you will be at the poster site.

The poster board usable space is 3 ft 9 inches high x 6 ft wide. We will provide push pins. For more information, email ES-SSA 2009.

Registration, Technical Sessions, Icebreaker will be held at the Monell Auditorium and lobby. Please remember that these areas sit in the middle of office space. Noise level should be kept to an acceptable level especially when using public areas for breaks.


Poster Sessions will be held at the historic Lamont Hall.