LCSN, 2005 Workshop

LCSN Operators and Participants Meeting, 19 November 2005

Post Script

The seismographic station operators and participants of the Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network (LCSN) will hold one day meeting/workshop on 19 November 2005 at Lamont-Doherty Campus on the Palisades overlooking the Hudson River, about fifteen miles north of Manhattan.

Time: 19 November 2005, 11:00 am - 4:30 pm

Location: Seismology Seminar Room

Meeting will be held in Seismology Seminar Room located on the second floor of the Seismology building (see the campus map below, building #4). Parking lots is about 20 meters from the building and is open and free for all participants.

There are wireless Internet access in the seminar room, PC and projector for PowerPoint or PDF presentations, two overhead transparency projectors and a 35 mm slide projector.

Sandwiches for lunch, and beverage and snacks for a afternoon coffee break will be provided.

The tentative agenda at this point looks something like this
(definitely subject to change, 11/16/2005):

11:00 - 11:15 Arrival and introductions (Kim, Scharnberger)

11:15 - 11:45 Discussion of the LCSN operation, problems, station noise characteristics (Kim, Gold)

11:45 - 12:15 Discussion of the LCSN development, station improvement, future directions, etc.(ALL)

12:15 - 01:00 Lunch (sandwiches provided)

01:00 - 02:00 Continuation of morning discussion, including the composition and role of an LCSN Advisory Committee (ALL, Shanberger moderator)

02:00 - 02:30 Demonstration of software that simulates pen-written seismograms (Bob Mereu)

02:30 - 02:45 Coffee Break (coffee, tea and cold drinks plus cookies)

02:45 - 03:15 Workshop on Earthworm, webseismogram, software (Gold, Kim)

03:15 - 03:45 LCSN vault design, portable seismographs, telemeter and backup power supply (Contino)

03:45 - 04:00 Phase picking and earthquake location programs for PC with Windows/Linux system (Armbruster)

04:00 - 04:30 Closing discussion on 2006 activity and summary

04:45 - 05:00 Phase picking programs etc. II (Armbruster)

E-mail announcement and other information

E-mail announcement and other information

* Participants (as of 11/16/2005)

Station   Name   /   Organization
ACCN    Don Minkel, SUNY Adirondack Community College,
BRNJ     Christina Miller, William-Annin Middle School, Basking Ridge, NJ
CTNY    Zach Miller, Carthage C.H.S.
CUNY    Timothy Eaton, Queens College, NY
FMPA    Rob Sternberg, Franklin and Marshall College, Penn
GENY    William Brennan, U. Rochester (SUNY Geneseo)
INY        Bob Ross, Cornell Univ.
LUPA    Anne Meltzer, Lehigh Univ. (family emergency, a good one)
MVL      Charles Scharnberger, Millersville Univ., Penn
Potsdam   Frank Revetta, SUNY Pottsdam
SOSN    Robert Mereu, Univ Western Ontario, Canada (invited)
UCCT    Vernon Cormier, UConn, Storrs, CT
WCC    Eryn Klosko, SUNY/Westchester Community College
LCSN     Won-Young Kim, PI, Sr. Research Scientist, LDEO
LCSN    Mitchell Gold, Staff Associate, LDEO
LCSN    John Contino, Senior Electronics Technician, LDEO

LDEO    John Armbruster, Staff Associate, LDEO
LDEO    Doug Johnson, Sr. Staff Associate, LDEO (retired)
LDEO     Arthur Lerner-Lam, Associate Director for SG&T, LDEO
LDEO     Paul Richards, Professor, LDEO
Observer     Walter Root, Felix Festa Middle School, West Nayck, NY

* Cannot attend for 19 November 2005 meeting
Dave Eaton/Bernie Dunn, Univ Western Ontario, Canada
Mike Hanson, Ohio G.S.
Bob Jacobi, SUNY Buffalo

Dave Franzi, SUNY Plattsburgh
Stefanie Baxter, Delaware Geological Survey
Gerald Baum, Maryland Geological Survey

Station List

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