Director's Weekly Reports

Lamont Weekly Report, June 13, 2014

This Lamont Weekly Report is the 100th I’ve written since my arrival nearly two years ago. The time has passed quickly, in large part because of the collective accomplishments of everyone at the Observatory, even though many of our community’s shared goals for the future of our campus still lie ahead. 

I am pleased to announce that Hélène Carton, Tim Crone, Pratigya Polissar, and Heather Savage will be promoted to Lamont Associate Research Professor (Junior Staff) as of 1 July. Please join me in congratulating our four colleagues on their new and well-earned positions..........  

Lamont Weekly Report, June 6, 2014

This week began with a sudden sense of loss as we absorbed the news that George Kukla passed away on Saturday. George joined Lamont’s Senior Staff in 1973 and had been a Special Research Scientist since 2001. A geologist and paleoclimatologist, George was an expert on the climate variations of the Quaternary and their causes, having extracted important information from loess sequences in Europe, North America, and East Asia. On the basis of his early work on the European sequences, George became a pioneering proponent of the orbital theory.....

Lamont Weekly Report, May 30, 2014

Although the week had fewer workdays than normal, there was no shortage of good news regarding recognition of the accomplishments of several of our colleagues.

Adam Sobel learned this week that he is to receive the 2014 Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award by the American Geophysical Union’s Atmospheric Sciences Section. Established in 2012, the award recognizes “exceptional mid-career scientists in the fields of the atmospheric.... 

Lamont Weekly Report, May 23, 2014

This week, of course, was Commencement Week at Columbia University. One of the notable events amid the gown-filled ceremonies was the presentation of the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Achievement to Wally Broecker at the Convocation Ceremony of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences on Sunday (

 On Monday, Art Lerner-Lam was the featured speaker at the graduation ceremony of the...... 

Lamont Weekly Report, May 16, 2014

The end of the academic year feels closer this week. Final examinations were held, and preparations for next week’s commencement activities neared completion. An item of particularly good news for Lamont is that Wally Broecker will receive the Dean’s Distinguished Achievement Award this coming Sunday at the Convocation Ceremony of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (

The end of the academic year will bring other transitions. Arnold Gordon will step down as Associate Director for Lamont’s Ocean and Climate Physics Division at the end of next.....                                                                  

Lamont Weekly Report, May 9, 2014

This week’s release of the third National Climate Assessment drew widespread media attention, including a Justin Gillis story on the front page of Wednesday’s New York Times (, but the pace of activities at Lamont followed its usual rhythm.

The final Lamont Public Lecture in this spring’s series was given by David Goldberg on....... 

Lamont Weekly Report, May 2, 2014

The high point of the week was Peter Kelemen’s election on Tuesday to the National Academy of Sciences, one of the highest honors in American science. A Kim Martineau story on Peter was posted to our web site a day later (, and a reception to celebrate the occasion will be held at 4:30 this afternoon in the Monell Lobby...                                                                   

Lamont Weekly Report, April 25, 2014

This week included Earth Day (, and many of us on campus tipped our collective hats in celebration of our planet. For the occasion, our Campus and Life Committee organized a weeklong office cleaning and recycling program, a yoga class on Tuesday to collect donations to the New York Fresh Air Fund, and bike-to-work events from Nyack and Manhattan this morning that ended in breakfas.....

Lamont Weekly Report, April 18, 2014

On Wednesday morning, the campus awoke to freezing temperatures and a new blanket of snow and ice. Madeleine Thomson’s lunchtime salads were not a reliable harbinger of spring after all.

The Geochemistry Division this week welcomed Guillem Gisbert Pinto, who will be visiting Lamont until July. An Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona, Guillem is being hosted by Steve Goldstein... 

Lamont Weekly Report, April 11, 2014

At midday on Wednesday this week, at one of the picnic tables on the deck outside the Lamont Café, Madeleine Thomson arrived and declared the day to be the start of spring. Madeleine marks the annual milestone, she explained, by switching her regular lunchtime meal from soup to salad. So if the days seem to have turned markedly more clement, and daffodils are now evident on campus, now you know why.
On Tuesday, Julius Busecke received the good news from the American Geophysical Union that he has received an Outstanding Student Presentation Award for a paper he gave at the......

Lamont Weekly Report, April 4, 2014

The Earth has been much in the news this week. From the front page Justin Gillis article in Monday’s New York Times on the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on likely climate change impacts over the coming decades, to ongoing stories of casualties from last week’s devastating landslide in the state of Washington, to reports of widespread damage yet comparatively few fatalities from the magnitude 8.2 earthquake in Chile on Tuesday, our planet continues to demonstrate the wisdom of continuing the quest to improve our knowledge of Earth’s dynamical processes. ........

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