Office of the Director / Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 

Sean C. Solomon, Director
Miriam Cinquegrana, Administrative Assistant
Kimberly Lundberg, Executive Assistant
Arthur L. Lerner-Lam, Deputy Director
Kuheli Dutt, Assistant Director, Academic Affairs & Diversity 
Kathleen Callahan, Deputy Director for Research Management
Jacqueline Geaney, Program Analyst
Rachel Roberts, Senior Program Analyst

Office of Strategic Initiatives, Development, and External Affairs / Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 

Peter Sobel, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Development & External Relations  
Minosca Alcantara, Education & Outreach Coordinator
Rebecca Fowler, Development Writer/Grants and Communications
Kim Martineau, Science Writer/Media Relations
Modesta Matos-Gooding, Development Associate
Marian Mellin, Development Associate
Stacey Vassallo, Development Officer



  Office of External Affairs /  Columbia Earth Institute


Erin Trowbridge, Director of Communications
Vilma Gallagher, Events Coordinator
Kevin Krajick, Senior Science Writer
David Phelan, Program Coordinator