Campus Life Committee

Campus Life Committee


– Keep under review and recommend improvements to policies, procedures, and facilities pertaining to the general quality of daily life for all staff members on the Lamont Campus, including:

  • Campus infrastructure such as roads, parking facilities, and transportation;
  • Use, availability, and accessibility of residential accommodation on and off campus;
  • Campus facilities for the care of children;
  • Social, cultural, and sports activities and facilities available for students and staff on campus;
  • Integration of new staff members into the campus community;
  • Food services; and
  • Other matters related to general working conditions as may arise.

– Solicit broad input from the campus community on these matters.

– Provide input towards campus development or other planning activities as may be requested by the Directors of the Campus Units.

– Work closely with other campus committees, including the General Safety Committee and the Environmental Committee.

– Recommend establishment of ad-hoc committees as needed.

– Generate an annual report by the end of March that summarizes

a. prioritized recommendations,
b. implementation strategies, and
c. estimated costs for quality of life improvements.

– Recommend new members of the committee and the committee chair at the end of terms.

Reports to:
Directors of Lamont Campus Units (Campus Management Group). Policy issues as necessary will be brought forward to the Executive Committee.


Membership of the committee should reflect the demographics of the Lamont Campus community, e.g. ensuring representation from the student body, junior and senior members of the community, research/technical, administrative, and facilities staff.

  • Chair:
    • Pratigya Polissar (Biology and Paleo   Environment)
  • 7 representatives of the Observatory’s staff (including 2 representatives from the administrative staff and 1 student):
  • Carol Mountain - Department Earth and    Environmental Sciences
  • Kirsteen Tinto - Marine Geology and Geophysics
  • Ben Holtzman - SG&T
  • GSC - Sophia Brumer, Allison Jacobel, and Catherine Pomposi - students
  • Bonnie Deutsch - Administration
  • Martin Stute - Geochemistry
  • MIchela Biasutti -Ocean and Climate Physics
  • Miriam Colwell - Lamont Hall
  • 1 representative Trop Ag:   Mary Pasquince
  • 1 representative Postdocs: Julia de Juan Verger
  • 1 representative from CIESIN: Linda Pagliaroli
  • 1 representative from IRI: Erica Allis (Kevin Coffey)
  • Assistant Director of Facilities (ex-officio): Patrick O’Reilly
  • Kuheli Dutt -  Office of Diversity

Membership Term

Membership term is for two years. The chair is appointed for two years, but should remain an ex-officio member of the committee for a third year.
For the initial term, half of the committee members will be appointed for a 1-year term to ensure proper spaced rotation of committee members. It is anticipated that during the first year of its existence, the committee will meet on a monthly basis. The frequency of committee meetings will decrease in the second year to 4 meetings per year with additional meetings as needed.