Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee


– To select the top candidates for the LDEO postdoctoral fellowships.

The committee meets annually for the LDEO Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition and makes the final recommendation to the Director.

Anually, and subject to the availability of funds, Postdoctoral Fellows (normally two) are selected on a competitive basis from applications made by prospective candidates, upon evaluation of the candidate's academic record and proposed research plan. The advertisements are published in the fall of each year. During the months of December and January the applications are open to examination by the scientific staff of the Observatory, who are invited to comment on scientific excellence, academic achievement, ability to contribute to the research needs and goals of the Observatory, and potential for obtaining future funding. The recommendations of the Observatory staff are then considered by the Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee. The Committee sends its recommendation to the Director, who then generates the offer letter.


2014-2015 committee:

  • William D'Andrea, Chair
  • Benjamin Holtzman
  • Colin Stark
  • Park Williams
  • Gisela Winckler
  • Christopher Zappa
  • Kuheli Dutt, Ex-Officio

Members of the scientific staff, appointed by the Director and representing the disciplinary range of the Observatory. Members rotate on a 3-year basis.