Web Advisory Committee

Draft, Version Feb 24, 2004


The role of the Web Advisory Committee (WAC) is to guide the development of the Observatory’s web site and to advise and support the Observatory’s Webmaster.


The Web Advisory Committee’s main responsibility is to assist the Webmaster and his/her team in insuring that the LDEO web site contains the highest quality and most up-to-date content. This includes communication about LDEO science appropriate for a wide audience as well as more specialized information relevant to the LDEO community and Earth scientists at other institutions.

The Web Advisory Committee should function as representatives of the Observatory community and should include representation from all appropriate major entities of the Observatory. It should solicit feedback from the community, monitor implementation of tasks, and advise the webmaster on priorities.

The WAC should define and regularly review in cooperation with the webmaster policies relating to web page content such as policies regarding commercial use of pages, use of copyrighted material, reliability of content, accessibility of content, and advertising. The WAC should review and revise procedures for web content management and maintenance.

The committee should determine the scope of responsibility of the webmaster and regularly review these responsibilities in light of workload and resource allocation.

The WAC should meet on a regular basis, at least every three month. More frequent interaction between the web committee and web team through electronic communication is required to ensure that procedures established for content management and maintenance are effectively implemented.


The Web Advisory Committee will report to the Observatory Management Group on an annual basis, or more frequently as appropriate.


– 1 chair
– 1 representative from each research division of the Observatory
– 1 representative from Central Administration
– 1 representative from the IT Department of the Observatory
– 1 representative from the EI External Relations Department
– 1 representative from the Development Office
– 1 representative of the graduate student body
– 1 representative from the Office of Marine Operations
– 1 representative from the Director’s Office
– Webmaster

Members as of February 24, 2004

  • James Gaherty - Chair, Seismology, Geology & Tectonophysics
  • Anthony Johnson, Office of Marine Operations
  • Ariana Falerni, Webmaster
  •                 , Graduate Student
  • Karen Hoffer, Administration
  • David Funkhouser, EI External Relations
  • Neil Pederson, Biology & Paleoenvironment
  • Kuheli Dutt, Director's Office
  • Naomi Naik, Ocean & Climate Physics
  • Gisela Winckler, Geochemistry
  • Mahdad Parsi, IT
  • Tim Crone, Marine Geology & Geophysics
  • Margie Turrin, Education Projects

LDEO Web Procedures
(final report provided by the 2003 Web Advisory Committee)