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Catastrophes naturelles : un spécialiste américain s’inquiète du manque de prépa - Insurance & Investment Journal

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 15:28
The French-language Insurance & Investment Journal talks with Lamont's Adam Sobel about Superstorm Sandy and the lessons Canada might learn.

Solving the Mystery of Antarctica's Disappearing Snow - The Weather Network

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 12:00
A new study from Lamont-Doherty's Indrani Das has found that about 80 billion tonnes of snow in eastern Antarctica is being vaporized every year by powerful winds.

Can the Climate Really Control Mid-Ocean Ridges? - Ars Technica

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 12:00
Analyses of hills paralleling a mid-ocean ridge found variations in height over time lining up with the length of the glacial cycles. A new study from a team led by Lamont-Doherty's Jean-Arthur Olive, however, found flaws when the idea was applied across all oceans.

Drought-Stressed California Forests Face a Radical Shift - Los Angeles Times

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 08:56
California could lose as much as 20 percent of its trees to the drought, Carnegie Institution scientists warn. "Think of it as one gigantic ax swing at the forest," said Lamont's Park Williams. "It takes a huge chunk out of the population, and if we see two or three more of these droughts, then that's even more ax swings."

Secretary of State Cites Syria Study in Urging 'Ambitious' Climate Deal - Reuters

Sun, 10/18/2015 - 12:00
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry cited research involving Lamont's Richard Seager when he talked about climate change connections to the conflict in Syria and threats to food and water security.

Warming World Means More Drought in Horn of Africa - The Ecologist

Sun, 10/18/2015 - 12:00
Evidence stretching back 40,000 years shows that global warming will increase drying in a region of East Africa where drought already causes humanitarian crises - dashing earlier hopes of increased rainfall, according to a new study from Lamont's Peter deMenocal.

What's Behind the Disappearance of Antarctic Snow? - Christian Science Monitor

Fri, 10/16/2015 - 12:00
A new study led by Lamont's Indrani Das shows that strong winds are shifting vast amounts of Antarctica’s snow into the sea or the atmosphere.

Air Guard's IcePod Aircraft Departs for ‘Deep Freeze’ - Air National Guard

Fri, 10/16/2015 - 07:00
The takeoff of the New York Air National Guard’s LC-130 ski-equipped aircraft on Oct. 16 marks the official start of the 109th Airlift Wing’s 28th season of support to science research at the South Pole. It carries the Lamont-built IcePod for exploring under the Antarctic ice.

Climate Cycles Didn’t Shape Ocean’s Abyssal Hills - Science

Thu, 10/15/2015 - 19:32
A new study led by Lamont-Doherty's Jean-Arthur Olive says faulting, not sea level rise and fall due to climate change, shaped the texture of the sea floor.

The Mystery of Antarctica's Strange Disappearing Snow - Live Science

Thu, 10/15/2015 - 12:00
New research led by Lamont-Doherty's Indrani Das has found that current regional climate models don't take into account how wind affects snow accumulation in Antarctica.

3 Years After Hurricane Sandy, Is New York Prepared for the Next Great Storm? - The Nation

Wed, 10/14/2015 - 12:00
New York is spending $20 billion to protect its shores from sea-level rise, but that may not be enough. The Nation talked to Lamont's Klaus Jacob.

Forecast for East Africa: Dry, With a Chance of Pirates - On Earth

Wed, 10/14/2015 - 12:00
A new study from Lamont's Peter deMenocal and colleagues finds the Horn of Africa is drying and will continue to get drier. That's likely to drive poverty and piracy.

Horn of Africa Droughts Likely to Intensify, Sparking Security Fears - Climate Home

Wed, 10/14/2015 - 12:00
Evidence stretching back 40,000 years shows that global warming will increase drying in a region of East Africa where drought already causes humanitarian crises. Cites research by Lamont-Doherty's Peter deMenocal.

Winter Blooms in the Arabian Sea - NASA

Tue, 10/13/2015 - 12:00
Lamont's Joaquim Goes and Helga do Rosario Gomes have been studying blooms in the Arabian Sea, where a tiny organism and its tenants have made an unexpected appearance that could harm other marine life that the region depends on for food.

Hurricane-Like Antarctic Winds May Contribute to Sea Level Rise - Europa Press

Tue, 10/13/2015 - 12:00
Hurricane-force winds remove large amounts of snow in Antarctica, which might increase the estimates of how much the frozen continent contributes to sea level rise. Cites research by Lamont-Doherty's Indrani Das.

Horn of Africa Grows Hotter and Drier - Scientific American

Tue, 10/13/2015 - 12:00
The Horn of Africa is warming and drying faster now than in the past 2,000 years, says new research into ancient marine sediments found. The findings contradict global climate models, which show that the geopolitically unstable region getting wetter as emissions boost temperatures worldwide, says Lamont's Peter DeMenocal.

Nicolas Young: 2015 Blavatnik Awards for Post-Doctoral Scientists - New York Academy of Sciences

Tue, 10/13/2015 - 09:48
Lamont-Doherty's Nicolas Young was named a winner of the 2015 Blavatnik Regional Awards, given to post-doctoral scientists and affiliated with the New York Academy of Sciences. “These talented young scientists will continue to foster innovation and new discoveries for years to come,” said Len Blavatnik, head of the Blavatnik Family Foundation.

Severe Drought Threatens Millions of Ethiopians - RFI

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 12:00
Recent figures reveal that the number of Ethiopians in need of food has risen sharply because of the lack of rain, combined with the El Nino weather phenomenon. A new study involving Lamont-Doherty's Peter deMenocal suggests that the region is growing drier.

The Horn Of Africa Is Rapidly Drying Due to Climate Change - International Business Times

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 15:32
The already arid countries of Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia are becoming even drier at an unusually fast pace, threatening to deepen drought, famine and instability, a new study by Lamont-Doherty's Peter DeMenocal and former post-doc Jessica Tierney finds.

Scientists Predict Drier Horn of Africa as Climate Warms - Reuters

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 14:56
The Horn of Africa is becoming drier in step with global warming, researchers said on Friday, contradicting some climate models predicting rainier weather patterns in politically challenged region. Cites research by Lamont's Peter DeMenocal and former post-doc Jessica Tierney.