Chili Cookoff

Images from last year's event (provided by Doug Brusa):
Annika and baby Cordelia John, Ted., and Falato, et al. MVC  
Annika and baby   Cordelia  

John, Ted., and

  Falato, et al.   MVC  


So what we need from volunteers:

1. Chili Chefs. Raid your pantry and come up with your best chili recipes. "Trophies" will be awarded not to mention Lamont-wide bragging rights.

2. Cornbred Bakers. Is chili a little daunting? Contribute a country-grown acoutrement!

3. Hot Plates. Have a hot plate at home or in your dept. you can loan us for a day?

4. Associated Assitance. Did you fail home-ec? You can still contribute - Kevin and I will be needing folks to help transport chili, set up tables, etc.