Cafeteria Art Shows

March 5, 2010


Tina Hansen

 Tina Hansen is the director of special events at the Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC).  She moved from Virginia to New York City to work at CUMC in 2001, and has been taking classes at the Arts Student League since 2005. 


Her mediums are collage, assemblage and mixed media.   Humor is a trademark of Tina's work, though its frequent lightheartedness may also come with a political slant.   She makes several dioramas each year and enjoys creating three-dimensional pieces, which, unfortunately, will notwork for display in the cafeteria setting.

Tina is the first Columbia University employee outside of LDEO to display art.   Please come and join us in welcoming her!


Previous Shows


Ronny Friedrich

April 3, 2009

Originally from Germany, Ronny Friedrich studied Physics at theUniversity of Heidelberg, finished his PhD in July 2007 and moved to the US in May 2008 with his wife who live in Piermont, NY.

Ronny currently works in the Noble-Gas Lab with Peter Schlosser.

Well, I like to sneak around with my camera taking pictures of people (beautiful or not) when they don't know - real life so to say. I like faces that can tell stories about the life that they've seen and about the very unique person that is "behind" the face. In the same way I like taking pictures of hands. Like a face, hands can give you an insight to a persons soul and a persons history."

  Beate Liepert

January 6, 2009

Beate Liepert is a Doherty Research Scientist at Lamont who is known for her work on global dimming and air-pollution measurements on board hot-air-balloons - the “Talk of the Town” story in the New Yorker ( See Nick Paumgarten's essay in The New Yorker ).

This show is a series of 30 sketches on paper (ink, charcoal, pencil drawings and gouache, water color paintings). “When I immigrated to the US in 1996, I sketched everything I saw, from swimming pools in conference hotels, NYTimes photos, to people in airports. Sketching is a way to collect my feelings and comprehend new environments.” The series was produced before Beate enrolled in the Parsons School of Design Certificate Program for Fine Arts in 2007. When you ask Beate directly she says that the Arts has always been a huge part of her life and as Science ameliorates her Arts, the Arts ameliorates her Science.


Phytoplankton species created by our Falmouth, MA 5th graders / Andy Juhl & Sonya Dhyrman

October. 24, 2008

The Artistic Oceanographer Program is a hands-on outreach activity designed to engage elementary school students in ocean sciences through the pairing of science and art.   Developed at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Artistic Oceanographer Program runs yearly for local 5th grade students.

  Jennifer Verdin   May 2008 Jennifer Verdin currently works in the LDEO Human Resources office as the HR Assistant and just celebrated her 4th year with LDEO.

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Jennifer's artistic talents were first used in painting renovations for the John F. Kennedy High School escalator murals, she was also the featured artist in the schools annual year book publication "Viva Vocé".  Today, Jennifer's work is used on erchandise for sale in local Orange County area events and she has created sketches for logos, promotional items and tattoos.
In addition to drawing, painting, poetry, tattoos and of course Human Resources, photographing nature is Jennifer's favorite pastime. You may see some of
Jennifer's work by visiting and 'search for a photo by name' - 'Jennifer Luken'.

thumbnail from Jean Kennedy's art show
Jean Kennedy
September. 19, 2006

Jean Kennedy worked in Marine Geology and Geophysics at L-DEO for 28 years before taking early retirement in June 2002. Her love for painting began at an early age but she did not pursue this activity until the late 1990’s when she took watercolor lessons at the Rockland Center for the Arts and from Carolyn Pedersen in New City. After moving to Louisiana Jean took lessons from Myrna Waters. Both teachers had studied under Edgar Whitney, a renowned watercolorist. Jean is particularly attracted to watercolor because of the dynamic quality and unpredictability of painting in that medium. She enjoys using color and form as a means of expression.

Jean belongs to the Louisiana Artists Association and Les Artistes du Bayou in Louisiana, and the Lakes Region Art Association in New Hampshire. She has exhibited in both states and has won several awards for her work.

thumbnail from childrens' art show

The Children of the Lamont Child Development Center
June 22, 2006

thumbnail from Trevor Williams' art show
Trevor Williams
April 26, 2006
Trevor Williams is currently an Associate Research Scientist at Lamont. He has been part of the scientific staff of Lamont's Borehole Research Group (BRG) since 1999. He has been painting for the last 5 years at the New School in Manhattan and at the Art Students League's Vytlacil School in Sparkill, but his inspiration dates back much further, to watching Nancy Kominsky and Rolf Harris on TV as a small child.