Campus Services

****Columbia University is transitioning to a new financial management system, Accounting and Reporting at Columbia or ARC, as of 7/9/12. Some of the information on this website may be out of date as we work through the transition.  Please talk to your DA, LDEO administration managers or Edie Miller if you have any questions.  Thank you for your support and patience as we work to provide you better systems and improved data.*****

Administration & Facilities Management of  Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory takes pride in its mission to serve the operating needs of the Observatory's world-class researchers. Located across the Hudson River north of the main campus in Morningside Heights, the Observatory requires a seperate but coordinated administrative & facility staff to maintain effective and efficient operations. Though formally an extension of Columbia University's central operations, the Observatory's administration & facility management are able to offer direct, on-site services to the research community on the Lamont campus.


The Observatory's administration is organized around a set of core functions including Grants & Contracts, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources and  Procurement.

One of the primary responsibilities of administration is to maintain the financial and mandatory requirements of any grant or contract without being overly burdensome or interfering with the institution's primary research activities. Our skilled and devoted support staff make this possible and continue to contribute to the Observatory's success in myriad ways.

Within the various research divisions, division administrators provide the vital link between scientific activities and core administrative services necessary to support those operations. By familiarizing themselves with the creative research environments unique to each division, these administrators are able to offer the appropriate support.


The Observatory's facilities management is organized around a set of core functions including Buildings & Grounds, Safety, Security, Telephone Operations, Property and Traffic. Facilities Management is also responsible for the Shuttle Bus, Cafe, Child Care, Cleaning Operations and Housing.

For questions related to specific areas of administration and facilities management of LDEO, please refer to the appropriate Web page.