Seminar Rooms

Seminar rooms at Lamont has been broken into three sections— the first is department accessed rooms, the second is the Monell Auditorium because of the complexity of the space and its audio/visual support system; the third section is public access seminar rooms available on the Lamont campus.

Most seminar rooms have a specific set up, i.e., seminar style. If you wish to have a different style or additional set up done, you need to contact Patricia Temple (Ext. 8842 or If you make changes to the room yourself, but do not have the opportunity to set it back the way you found it, please let either Pat or Tom Eberhard ext 8865 know that you have changed the set up and left it.

Please remember that many of these rooms sit in the middle of office space. Noise level should be kept to an acceptable level especially when using public areas for breaks. When having non-Lamont guests attend a meeting in the Monell auditorium, ask them not to go into either of the office corridors since this is disturbing to people working in these areas.

Departmentally Accessed Seminar Rooms

Monell Auditorium

Public Access Seminar Rooms

Seminar Room Calendar