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Lamont-Doherty Administration Mail Vacation Setup Page

Purpose: If you will not be checking your email for some time, it may be useful to have an automatic reply that notifies correspondents.

The vacation service will automatically reply to any incoming mail you receive while you are away or unable to attend to your mail -- for example while on vacation or out of town. That's a courtesy to let others know why you're not answering them. This form let's you install (or remove) a vacation message on this server. You should edit the default message, in the textarea below.

This is a tool for users ONLY. Lamont users should use LDEO's Web Vacation site.



A) The use of this system is limited exclusively to users with valid accounts at Lamont-Doherty. For help contact

B) This program will clobber your existing vacation and forward files

.vacation.msg -- the message
.vacation.pag -- data base history
.vacation.dir -- data base history
.forward -- to pipe to user and vacation service

Note: This form uses strong encryption to protect your password while in transit to the web server. If you have not done so already, you should load the certificate for the Lamont Certificate Authority -- click here and follow the instructions.

1. Enter a valid login name and password on network:
Login Name:

2. Select a Task :

Activate My Vacation Message Deactivate My Vacation Message

3. Subject: On vacation message --Auto Respond --

4. Type in your message (Leave the string "Subject:", as the first word:


4. Submit your request:


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