Custodial Services

Custodial Services is overseen by the Safety and Security office.

All office trash bins and paper recycable bins (blue) are emptied weekly (schedule posted in all building hallways). Importantly - Food items are not to be placed in office trash bins; such items must be placed in the hallway trash bins.

Clean  cans, bottles, and plastic containers must be placed in the green bins located in all hallways.

The cleaners are not permitted to enter Labs so you must place your trash bins outside of the door. For special cleaning of Labs and any office cleaning requests please email or

Note: Other items placed out in the hallways will not be removed unless directed.  Please place a note on any such items "Trash" if you would like for it to be disposed.


Manager: Howie Matza
Telephone: (845) 365-8822
FAX: (845) 365-8101

Stephen Weinstein
Night Supervisor (Custodial & Security)
FAX: (845)365-8101

Maryann Hanneman
Telephone: (845)365-8990
Fax: (845)365-8101