Safety Training

Safety Training is assigned by the PI or Lab Manager via the CU Lab Assessment Tool and Chemical Hygiene Plan (LATCH).  Before you are allowed to begin working with chemicals in a Laboratory OR with any Shop Equipment (including the Rock Lab) on the Lamont Campus you must complete the requisite Safety Training.  Furthermore, before beginning any work in the lab or workshop, you must have the permission of the Lab Principle Investigator (PI) or the Shop Supervisor to work in that lab / workshop,  AND  review with the PI or Shop Supervisor the “Lab Specific Safety Work Procedures” or “Tool Specific Procedures”.



Note:  Special arrangements may be made for "Short-Term" visitors (e.g. staying less than 20 days) who cannot attend the "Live" monthly training, to take such training on-line provided that they have experience working in a laboratory with the chemicals that they will be using here and that the Lab PI will take responsibility for ensuring that any chemical wastes are managed as per LDEO Hazardous Waste Procedures.

In order to take the on-line Safety Training, the Lamont PI will need to email HR  with a request to set up a UNI for the visitor.  The PI will need to attach the visitor's curriculum vitae and state the period of the planned visit.  HR will contact the visitor directly for their social security # and date of birth.  Once that information is provided, HR will generate the UNI and email the visitor instructions for activating the UNI which will remain active for up to 30 days.  The request to HR should come at least 2 business days in advance to allow time to reach them.