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Rock You Like An Earthquake: Converting Seismic Waves To Sound
Live Science, September 28

You can now eavesdrop on some of the world's largest earthquakes from deep inside the planet. A new project led by Lamont's Ben Holtzman and the Seismic Sound Lab lets you see, hear and feel seismic waves. The use of auditory seismology not only has educational applications, but can also lead to better earthquake predictions.
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Scientists Raise Red Flags About The Arctic's Future
Climatewire, September 28

Science ministers from around the world meet in Washington, D.C., this week to discuss how Arctic warming is affecting life in the north and complicating global climate responses. Lamont's Peter Schlosser discussed some of the concerns scientists have about the region's future.
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Science Is Life: Ameena's Story Of Ssfrp
Nyc Science Research Mentoring Consortium, September 23

Ameena Peters writes about her experiences as a student in Lamont's Secondary School Field Research Program and how it taught her leadership and inspired her love of science.
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Summer Of Hell And High Water Shows Climate Change Is Here
Rolling Stone, September 22

Simply put, a hotter atmosphere demands more water. In the drought-prone West, it sucks soils, shrubs and trees bone-dry – setting the stage for fire, Rolling Stone writes. It cites a 2015 Columbia University study, led by Lamont's Park Williams, that found California's drought was up to 25 percent more severe due to global warming.
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Human Migration: Climate And The Peopling Of The World
Nature, September 21

The human dispersal out of Africa that populated the world was probably paced by climate changes, Lamont's Peter deMenocal writes in Nature.