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The Subdued Roar Of The Boxing Day Earthquake
Abc, September 03

Lamont geophysicists Maya Tolstoy and Delwayne Bohnenstiehl used recordings from three underwater microphones to determine the speed at which the earth tore: almost 3 kilometers per second.
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Obama Just Explained What A "gigaton" Is. Here's Why That's A Big Deal
Washington Post, September 01

President Obama quoted Lamont-Doherty's Meredith Nettles while explaining glacier loss during a speech on climate change in Alaska. The Washington Post picked up on it and explains the importance.
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How Hurricane Katrina Changed Climate Research
Climate Central, August 29

Hurricane Katrina helped galvanize hurricane-climate change research, and 10 years later, significant strides have been made. Two leaders in the field, Lamont's Adam Sobel and Suzana Camargo, explain.
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How Natural Disasters Harm The Poor More Than The Rich
Slate, August 28

It was true before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, and it’s true now, writes Lamont-Doherty's John Mutter.
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This Year’s Wildfires May Change Western Forests Forever
Take Part, August 27

Instead of aiding regeneration, the megafires we're seeing today are destroying forests, Lamont-Doherty's Park Williams says. "What comes back might not be anything like what we consider the natural state of the forest.”