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New Columbia Center Aims To Tap Business For Climate Studies
Chronicle Of Philanthropy, February 02

With government funding for climate science stagnant, a new center at Columbia University is working to engage corporate donors to back research on environmental changes and how humans can adapt to them. "It’s a very new way of funding science," said Lamont's Peter deMenocal, director of the Center for Climate & Life.
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Listen To Seismic Waves From Inside The Earth
The Creators Project, February 02

Lamont's Ben Holtzman and the Seismic Sound Lab turn data from seismometers into a visual and auditory experience.
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Center For Climate & Life: Changing The Way We Do & Fund Science
Nature, February 01

Columbia's Center for Climate & Life is engaging corporate philanthropists to boost funding for research into the effects of projected environmental changes and how human systems can adapt.
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Greenland's Glaciers & Climate Change
60 Minutes, January 31

60 Minutes reports from Greenland's Petermann Glacier, then visits with Lamont-Doherty's Peter deMenocal at the Core Lab to discuss some of the most significant efforts to study climate change happening today.
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European Summers Are At Their Warmest In Two Millennia
Climate Progress, January 29

We may have underestimated how hot European summers are today, compared to the region's past, according to a new study. Lamont's Jason Smerdon explains.