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Climate Change And Extreme Weather
Climate Connections, May 25

Was that extreme weather event caused by climate change? It’s a question scientists get asked a lot, and one that they’re increasingly able to answer, says Lamont's Adam Sobel.
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Investigators Conduct Deep Sea Search For Egyptair Flight 804
Npr, May 23

The wreckage from EgyptAir Flight 804 is likely in the Mediterranean Sea somewhere between Crete and Egypt. Lamont's David Gallo discusses the challenges of the search.
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Signals From Plane Hint At Swift Catastrophe, Aviation Website Reports
New York Times, May 20

The flight’s track indicated that it crashed about halfway between Crete and Egypt. “If that is correct, then it has landed on a feature we call the Mediterranean Ridge,” Lamont's Bill Ryan told the Times. When sonar is used to scan the area, “you get a complex play of echoes that was nicknamed cobblestone, showing the sea floor is very bumpy."
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'fundamentally Unstable’: Concerns About East Antarctica's Biggest Glacier
Washington Post, May 18

The Totten glacier ice region is bigger than California, and could raise seas by over 10 feet if it collapsed. The Washington Post talked with scientists, including Lamont's Robin Bell, about the risks.
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A Secret Forest No One Noticed
Atlas Obscura, May 18

Cedar trees living on the steep cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment were centuries old, and no one knew until scientists took a closer look. The Tree Ring Lab at Lamont confirmed their find.