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Why The Earthquake In Italy Was So Destructive
Washington Post, August 24

The earth beneath Italy's Apennine Range — where a magnitude-6.2 earthquake struck early today — is a tangle of fault lines and fractured rock. Lamont's Leonardo Seeber has studied the tectonic activity of this region for more than 35 years and talked with the Washington Post about the risks.
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Testing Water Quality In The Hudson, From Adirondacks To Ocean
Associated Press, August 23

Lamont's Andy Juhl helps lead an effort with Riverkeeper to test water quality in the Hudson River this week from its source in the Adirondacks to New York Harbor.
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Louisiana Floods Damage 60,000 Homes
Kqed, August 22

Lamont's Adam Sobel joined KQED's Forum for an on-air discussion of the Louisiana flood and the role of climate change in extreme weather.
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Ocean Slime Spreading Quickly Across The Earth
National Geographic, August 19

Toxic algae blooms, perhaps accelerated by ocean warming and other climate shifts, are spreading, poisoning marine life and people. National Geographic talks with Lamont's Joaquim Goes about the changes.
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Algae Blooms Adding To The Melt Of Greenland's Ice Sheet
Upi, August 18

The Black and Bloom project examines the role that microbes might have in darkening the Greenland ice sheet – and boosting its melt. UPI talks with Lamont's Marco Tedesco about the forces driving melting in Greenland.