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Why The Northern Lights Are Heading South
Bbc, November 27

In this BBC interview, Lamont-Doherty's Dennis Kent talks about Earth's changing magnetic field and where it may be headed.
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The (not So) Northern Lights: Aurora Moving South From The Arctic
National Post, November 26

The northern lights are shifting south from the Arctic, and will appear more often in the skies over Ottawa in decades to come, Lamont's Dennis Kent tells Canada's National Post. The reason: Earth’s magnetic field is becoming gradually weaker, and this affects how the solar wind — charged particles from the sun — bounces off it.
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Our Planet's Magnetic Poles Aren't Reversing Any Time Soon
Gizmodo, November 24

Over the past couple of hundred years, the strength of the Earth’s geomagnetic field has been waning, leading scientists to wonder if our planet’s polarity is on the verge of flipping. New research by Lamont-Doherty's Dennis Kent puts the dip into perspective.
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Don’t Flip Out: Earth’s Magnetic Poles Aren’t About To Switch
Science, November 23

Earth is not heading toward a reversal of its magnetic field any time soon, new research from Lamont-Doherty's Dennis Kent assures. While weakening, Earth’s magnetic field is still quite strong by historical standards.
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Christopher H. Scholz Wins Top Honor In Seismology
Seismological Society Of America, November 23

The Seismological Society of America will present its highest honor, the Harry Fielding Reid Medal, to Lamont-Doherty's Christopher H. Scholz this spring.