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Frontiers In Cryoseismology
Eos, December 08

Since the discovery by Lamont's Göran Ekström and Meredith Nettles of glacial earthquakes caused by Greenland’s short-term ice movements, the flourishing field of cryoseismology has proved to be a powerful tool for studying a variety of glaciological phenomena, including crevasse formation, basal shear sources, iceberg calving, the rifting process in ice shelves, sea ice dynamics, precursory signs of unstable glaciers in real time, and beyond.
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Greenland Once Lost Nearly All Its Ice And Could Again
Scientific American, December 07

Evidence buried in Greenland's bedrock shows the island's massive ice sheet melted nearly completely at least once in the last 2.6 million years. The findings from a study led by Lamont's Joerg Schaefer suggest that Greenland's ice may be less stable than previously believed.
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Greenland: Climate Change Could Lead To Unexpected Ice Melt
Time, December 07

A new study from Lamont's Joerg Schaefer published in the journal Nature undercuts key assumptions about Greenland's ice sheet, suggesting it may not be as stable as previously believed.
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New Report Questions Ice In Greenland
Us News & World Report, December 07

A new study led by Lamont's Joerg Schaefer indicates that the bedrock at the bottom of Greenland may not have been covered with ice for hundreds of thousands of years during the recent geological past. It's a finding that, if true, holds huge implications for coastal cities all around the world.
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A Rare Look At The Disappearing World Of Antarctica's Whales
National Geographic, December 06

As the southern continent rapidly warms, some whale populations are booming—while others are suffering from lack of ice. National Geographic talks with Lamont's Doug Martinson.