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    Floods: Holding Back The Tide
    Nature News, April 16

    With the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta sinking, the race is on to protect millions of people from future flooding. Work of Lamont's Michael Steckler cited.

    Droughts To Become More Severe, Frequent Over Nearly A Third Of Earth: Study
    Weather Channel, April 07

    "For agriculture, the moisture balance in the soil is what really matters," said study co-author Jason Smerdon, a climate scientist with Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. "If rain increases slightly but temperatures also increase, drought is a potential consequence," he told The Hindu.

    A ’64 Quake Still Reverberates
    New York Times, April 07

    “Plate tectonics was originally proposed as a kinematic theory — it was about displacements, movements and velocities,” said Lamont deputy director Arthur Lerner-Lam. “The great accomplishment was to link earthquakes to those movements.”

    Never A Dull Moment
    The Antarctic Sun, April 04

    "Nowadays, we have to go out of our way to encounter sea ice, but this year was amazing. We ran into ice throughout the study area. It forced us to be creative when we couldn’t go where we wanted to," said Hugh Ducklow External Non-U.S. government site, lead principal investigator (PI) for the Palmer LTER and a professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory External Non-U.S. government site.

    El Niño Tests Forecasters
    Nature News, April 03

    The model that best predicted earlier El Nino events, developed by scientists at Lamont-Doherty, did not see the destructive 1997-1998 event coming.

    Less Rainfall Not The Only Risk Factor In Widespread Drought, Study Shows
    Cbs News, April 02

    "We know from basic physics that warmer temperatures will help to dry things out," lead author Benjamin Cook said in a statement. "Even if precipitation changes in the future are uncertain, there are good reasons to be concerned about water resources."