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California Once Had A 2,000-year-long Dry Spell
Discovery, October 02

Lamont-Doherty scientists Linda Heusser and Jonathan Nichols used ancient pollen to look at Southern California's changing ecology through time and discovered a series of mega-droughts thousands of years ago.
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Nyc Subway System Prepares For Hurricane Joaquin
Wall Street Journal, October 02

With Hurricane Joaquin headed northward in the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal looked at how prepared the New York City subway system is to handle another major storm. The Journal spoke with Lamont-Doherty's Adam Sobel.
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The Storm King
Science, October 01

Lamont's Adam Sobel talks to Science about the Madden-Julian Oscillation, a powerful driver of weather in the tropics.
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Bringing Back The City: Superstorm Sandy And The Subways
New York Transit Museum, October 01

The New York Transit Museum looks back at how New York City's mass transit responded to a flooding crisis and recovered from Superstorm Sandy. Videos feature Lamont-Doherty's Adam Sobel, head of the Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate.
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This Hurricane Won't Be Like The Last One
Wnyc, October 01

Hurricane Joaquin is headed north, possibly towards New York City. Lamont's Adam Sobel talks about the wide range of forecasts, the likelihood of heavy rain, and how this hurricane is different from Superstorm Sandy.