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How Hurricane Katrina Changed Climate Research
Climate Central, August 29

Hurricane Katrina helped galvanize hurricane-climate change research, and 10 years later, significant strides have been made. Two leaders in the field, Lamont's Adam Sobel and Suzana Camargo, explain.
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Hurricanes May Get Stronger, And Society Needs To Prepare
The Chronicle Herald, August 26

Lamont-Doherty's Adam Sobel, head of the Extreme Weather and Climate Initiative and author of Storm Surge, speaks in Halifax about hurricane risk.
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10 Years Later, No One Knows How Many People Died Because Of Katrina
Fivethirtyeight, August 26

After Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, Lamont's John Mutter and others began looking into the lack of standards for counting the human toll of hurricanes. They set out to develop new methods.
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Sea Ice: Ancient Oceans Birthed Diamonds
Live Science, August 26

"We can look at diamonds as time capsules, as messengers from a place we have no other way of seeing," says Lamont-Doherty's Yaakov Weiss.
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Is New Jersey Overdue For Another Earthquake?
Asbury Park Press, August 25

Lamont-Doherty's Art Lerner-Lam discusses earthquake risks to infrastructure in New Jersey and the importance of resilient development.