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Predictions Of More Blazing Heat, Drought And Fires In The West
Washington Post, June 23

The burning sensation in the southwestern United States was diagnosed by climate scientists more than a year ago, the Washington Post writes. The Post cites research by Lamont-Doherty scientist Park William into connections between the California drought and climate change.
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California Firefighters Wrangle With Dead Trees
Kqed, June 22

California's overworked firefighters are being forced to take on another task — clearing dead and dying trees. John Upton talks with Lamont's Park Williams about the role of drought and rising temperatures.
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Greenland's Vast Melt And Its Influence On Atlantic Circulation
Washington Post, June 20

High-resolution ocean models that can capture eddies are extremely important for understanding the fate of freshwater in the sea around Greenland, says Lamont's Marco Tedesco.
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Water Vapor Vs Carbon Dioxide: Which 'wins' In Climate Warming?
Forbes, June 20

The fact that water vapor is the dominant absorber in the Earth’s greenhouse effect can lead to a flawed narrative about the role of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) as driver of climate warming. Lamont's Adam Sobel helps explain.
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Sea Ice Retreat May Accelerate Greenland Melting
Science, June 17

Last summer the northern parts of the Greenland Ice Sheet experienced record melting as summer temperatures rose as high as 66°F. Now, a group of scientists led by Lamont's Marco Tedesco has linked the melt pattern with a high-pressure vortex, known as a block, that loitered north of the island during June and July 2015, wreaking weather havoc. Some researchers say such atmospheric blocks are expected to result from melting sea ice.