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    Carbon Capture Faces Hurdles Of Will, Not Technology
    Climate Central, April 23

    A price on carbon is needed before capture and storage of CO2 becomes a viable option, says Lamont's Peter Kelemen.

    Awaited Floating Pool Moves Into Filtration Testing Phase , April 22

    A floating pool scheduled to open in the East or Hudson Rivers in 2016 will use a filtration system that Lamont's Wade McGillis has helped to design.

    Messenger Completes 3,000th Orbit Of Mercury
    Earth Sky, April 21

    MESSENGER has been getting closer to Mercury since March and is now closer to the planet than any spacecraft has been before. "Mercury has stubbornly held on to many of its secrets, but many will at last be revealed,” says Lamont director and MESSENGER principal investigator Sean Solomon.

    Woman Narrowly Escapes Deadly Mudslide
    Katie Couric Show, April 21

    Lamont's Deputy Director Arthur Lerner-Lam discusses the need for better communication of natural hazard risks.

    April Will Be First Month With Co2 Levels Above 400 Ppm
    Climate Central, April 21

    “On some level, watching these milestones be passed is a lot like watching paint dry,” said Lamont's Jason Smerdon. “The upward march is neither surprising nor unexpected as a direct consequence of human activities; it is only alarming in the sense that it keeps happening unabated.”

    Future Droughts Worse Than Expected
    Astrobiology, April 17

    A new study is helping astrobiologists understand how climate change may shape the future of life on Earth. Coverage of a study in Climate Dynamics by Lamont's Benjamin Cook, Jason Smerdon and Richard Seager.