Member of the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS). The LCSN is operated by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in cooperation with 35 educational institutions, museums, and nature conservation organizations in the Northeastern United States. The network operation is supported by the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program (NEHRP) through the U.S. Geological Survey. * Indicates probable blast or explosion
18/05/0821:27:40.043.741N78.973W5.02.28Ml36.1 km E of Toronto, ONT
18/05/0407:58:19.043.592N77.262W5.21.51Ml44.4 km N of Webster, NY
18/04/0823:03:47.644.746N74.615W5.01.15Ml27.8 km SW of Malone, NY
18/04/0510:22:36.744.761N74.613W5.00.70Ml27.0 km W of Malone, NY
18/03/2903:11:18.245.538N67.336W5.22.33Ml71.6 km SW of Fredericton, N.B.
18/03/2704:52:46.645.535N67.346W5.02.22Ml72.4 km SW of Fredericton, N.B.
18/03/2122:51:58.944.859N74.723W4.01.88Ml15.4 km SE of Massena, NY
18/03/2104:59:13.244.753N74.594W5.02.67Ml25.9 km SW of Malone, NY
18/03/0710:07:40.943.258N71.646W5.22.36Ml10.4 km NW of Concord, NH
18/02/1514:28:56.942.931N70.989W5.02.78Ml6.5 km SW of Exeter, NH
18/02/1323:44:23.243.489N71.568W5.31.83Ml8.2 km NE of Franklin, NH
18/02/0713:39:47.241.366N73.874W6.81.28Ml7.4 km E of West Point, NY
18/02/0711:15:43.741.361N73.853W4.11.26Ml9.3 km E of West Point, NY
18/02/0711:14:00.841.362N73.871W6.22.17Ml7.9 km SE of West Point, NY
18/01/1810:11:40.644.625N74.557W8.20.38Ml32.4 km SW of Malone, NY
18/01/1723:47:00.744.090N69.759W6.12.73Ml15.6 km S of Gardiner, ME
18/01/0803:02:32.245.105N74.213W5.21.35Ml17.3 km S of Valleyfield, QUE
18/01/0316:20:19.740.304N75.896W9.50.93Ml4.4 km SE of Reading, PA
17/12/2700:14:32.045.458N74.699W7.11.15Ml16.6 km S of Hawkesbury, ONT
17/12/2509:00:17.944.819N74.883W4.41.44Ml12.1 km S of Massena, NY
17/12/2104:34:25.943.666N72.369W5.01.95Ml4.3 km NW of White River Junction, VT
17/12/1706:37:34.441.622N72.703W5.00.93Ml5.7 km E of Kensington, CT
17/12/1300:45:27.339.257N75.436W2.71.24Ml13.1 km NE of Dover, DE
17/11/3021:47:31.239.197N75.432W9.94.38Ml9.3 km NE of Dover, DE
17/11/2803:21:29.242.435N80.228W5.31.56Ml73.7 km W of Dunkirk, NY
17/11/2702:48:59.243.862N75.315W5.01.76Ml16 km NE of Lowville, NY
17/11/1115:55:43.839.261N77.039W4.11.48Ml12.2 km N of Olney, MD
17/11/0813:33:43.740.470N74.149W4.31.38Ml3.5 km NW of Keansburg, NJ
17/11/0622:16:30.145.898N75.406W19.01.81Ml27.9 km NW of Ripon, QUE
17/10/3000:34:30.639.279N77.051W2.01.52Ml14.1 km N of Olney, MD
17/10/1800:15:13.343.606N74.510W5.01.39Ml62.9 km N of Gloversville, NY
17/10/1721:41:25.443.514N71.588W5.01.70Ml9.1 km NE of Franklin, NH
17/10/0514:50:08.844.094N75.237W4.01.25Ml55.7 km E of Watertown, NY
17/09/3012:05:53.340.809N74.509W11.50.98Ml2.7 km SW of Morris Plains, NJ
17/09/2522:35:06.640.798N74.513W5.01.71Ml3.7 km SW of Morris Plains, NJ
17/09/1419:13:49.743.172N78.886W4.51.13Ml14.9 km N of North Tonawanda, NY
17/09/0607:21:09.943.262N78.718W5.01.87Ml10.4 km N of Lockport, NY
17/09/0600:10:17.442.610N72.236W5.01.61Ml1.7 km NW of Athol, MA
17/08/2908:41:29.345.251N73.903W12.91.17Ml18.1 km E of Valleyfield, QUE
17/08/2503:31:32.638.034N77.359W8.12.39Ml32.0 km SE of Frederiksburg, VA
17/08/2416:01:12.843.593N70.199W7.02.04Ml6.4 km SE of South Portland, ME
17/08/2101:25:44.440.089N76.477W2.00.39Ml3.2 km SE of Mount Joy, PA
17/08/1420:58:34.945.724N75.467W14.32.57Ml27.4 km W of Ripon, QUE
17/08/1306:52:15.938.339N80.541W6.81.33Ml34.2 km NW of Hillsboro, WVa
17/08/1010:42:25.244.272N76.314W4.11.38Ml46.2 km NW of Watertown, NY
17/08/0910:58:25.645.211N74.801W17.81.71Ml32.3 km N of Massena, NY
17/08/0505:26:56.739.796N76.351W5.01.83Ml22.4 km S of Millersville, PA
17/07/2613:29:38.245.120N67.041W13.31.65Ml5.2 km N of Saint Andrews, NB
17/07/1810:07:11.944.729N74.642W6.02.09Ml27.7 km E of Potsdam, NY
17/07/1419:12:22.744.886N74.706W4.00.54Ml15.4 km E of Massena, NY
17/07/1419:10:12.344.891N74.716W5.01.30Ml14.5 km E of Massena, NY
17/07/1107:30:15.843.755N74.165W4.60.85Ml64 km S of Saranac Lake, NY
17/07/1106:27:46.243.433N78.589W5.02.52Ml10 km N of Somerset, NY
17/07/0711:04:12.642.854N79.332W3.82.07Ml9.6 km W of Port Colborne, ON
17/07/0508:27:57.341.079N73.525W4.20.54Ml3.1 km NE of Stamford, CT
17/07/0116:17:58.145.279N67.809W5.21.90Ml20 km W of Princeton, ME
17/06/3010:27:45.943.871N73.278W4.62.19Ml3 km SE of Shoreham, VT
17/06/3010:27:29.643.875N73.288W5.01.31Ml3 km SE of Shoreham, VT
17/06/2114:48:14.544.699N74.380W5.01.16Ml17.9 km S of Malone, NY
17/06/1318:31:18.643.561N70.737W5.21.71Ml13.9 km N of Sanford, ME
17/06/0303:08:41.139.910N81.314W5.03.45Ml27.1 km E of Cambridge, OH
17/06/0107:22:44.943.736N73.337W4.21.34Ml32.5 km NW of Rutland, VT
17/05/1319:04:11.343.870N73.264W12.71.32Ml17.9 km SW of Middlebury, VT
17/05/1401:50:56.342.165N82.467W5.02.18Ml98.5 km NW of Cleveland, OH
17/05/1106:53:22.540.145N80.483W1.02.12Ml20.5 km W of Washington, PA
17/04/2906:55:25.743.719N73.306W7.51.33Ml29.4 km NW of Rutland, VT
17/04/2511:48:03.444.674N74.579W9.10.98Ml29.7 km SW of Malone, NY
17/04/2320:49:08.239.993N76.312W5.02.30Ml18.2 km S of Lititz, PA
17/04/1022:35:43.641.542N73.655W8.11.31Ml4 km SW of Pawling, NY
17/03/2517:44:49.540.833N74.482W6.01.31Ml1.4 km S of Morris Plains, NJ
17/03/1216:49:22.144.676N74.529W5.01.33Ml26.7 km SW of Malone, NY
17/02/2502:31:31.044.617N75.817W5.01.87Ml27.6 km W of Ogdensburg, NY
17/02/1803:16:35.144.964N73.916W18.90.65Ml32.6 km NE of Malone, NY
17/02/1119:15:44.542.946N71.540W5.22.20Ml8.9 km SW of Manchester, NH
17/02/0206:31:33.241.670N72.357W3.81.16Ml18.1 km SE of Manchester, CT
17/01/2121:51:23.244.349N70.498W5.02.11Ml23.1 km S of Rumford, ME
17/01/2115:35:05.044.633N73.603W13.91.72Ml14.0 km SW of Plattsburgh, NY
17/01/2012:22:39.843.547N71.550W5.01.79Ml6.7 km W of Laconia, NH
17/01/0118:21:45.943.207N73.044W7.11.04Ml38.6 km N of Bennington, VT
16/12/2508:38:44.644.220N72.994W4.31.33Ml26.7 km NE of Middlebury, VT
16/12/2206:41:30.743.480N71.257W5.01.37Ml18.1 km E of Laconia, NH
16/12/1206:33:58.139.646N81.246W4.31.64Ml31.3 km NE of Marietta, OH
16/12/1206:31:21.239.640N81.237W5.02.30Ml31.2 km NE of Marietta, OH
16/12/0101:27:06.038.747N81.472W5.02.38Ml43.8 km NE of Charleston, WVa
16/11/0905:46:55.742.739N79.087W4.11.39Ml23.6 km SW of Lackawanna, NY
16/11/0610:11:15.139.864N75.125W5.01.46Ml2.6 km W of Bellmawr, NJ
16/11/0612:15:02.340.440N73.800W4.51.98Ml16.3 km E of Highlands, NJ
16/10/3023:38:40.644.701N73.868W15.90.97Ml32.9 km W of Plattsburgh, NY
16/10/2019:01:11.045.098N74.024W5.31.01Ml19.0 km SE of Valleyfield, QUE
16/10/0821:10:47.744.910N74.513W5.01.23Ml18.5 km W of Malone, NY
16/09/3018:24:59.339.019N71.292W7.42.71Ml231 km SE of Hampton Bays, NY
16/09/2504:40:17.845.081N74.171W5.30.71Ml19.0 km S of Valleyfield, QUE
16/09/2005:54:59.745.800N73.488W9.12.50Ml26.1 km S of Joliette, QUE
16/09/2003:04:04.441.069N74.253W7.90.56Ml4.9 km NE of Wanaque, NJ
16/08/2718:36:45.545.248N74.347W11.91.73Ml16.8 km W of Valleyfield, QUE
16/08/2206:15:45.841.735N77.196W7.81.37Ml8 km E of Wellsboro, PA
16/08/0902:33:00.641.010N74.343W1.60.54MlButler, NJ
16/08/0902:01:44.541.055N74.291W5.60.98Ml2.0 km N of Wanaque, NJ
16/08/0603:12:10.443.310N79.252W5.01.77Ml28.7 km NW of Niagara Falls, NY
16/08/0308:50:29.640.046N81.245W1.01.98Ml8 km NW of Barnesville, OH
16/07/3100:34:44.840.841N74.177W4.70.81Ml2.2 km SW of Clifton, NJ
16/07/1013:22:23.244.823N74.539W10.41.15Ml19.5 km W of Malone, NY
16/07/0404:06:49.241.010N74.352W2.01.07Ml1 km NW of Butler, NJ
16/06/2903:13:50.244.367N75.399W6.61.13Ml6.0 km NE of Gouverneur, NY
16/06/2607:36:33.143.676N71.380W3.91.30Ml18.0 km NE of Laconia, NH
16/06/2508:48:56.341.013N74.349W2.00.75MlButler, NJ
16/06/1804:15:43.744.953N73.520W7.10.55Ml28.7 km N of Plattsburgh, NY
16/06/1406:25:16.044.852N74.022W17.41.10Ml21.6 km E of Malone, NY
16/06/1314:12:12.341.146N73.584W5.01.25Ml11.1 km N of Stamford, CT
16/06/0502:05:18.444.510N73.688W3.02.24Ml28.1 km SW of Plattsburgh, NY
16/06/0102:29:06.242.781N69.914W10.02.24Ml64 km E of Gloucester, MA
16/05/3115:54:20.644.195N71.793W5.01.49Ml12 km S of Littleton, NH
16/05/2716:48:43.141.042N74.352W2.90.78Ml4.4 km N of Butler, NJ
16/05/2204:47:36.041.548N76.616W5.01.58Ml41.4 km NE of Montoursville, PA
16/05/2200:28:53.744.183N75.544W4.30.48Ml37.4 km NE of Watertown, NY
16/05/1908:15:43.543.936N75.792W5.01.38Ml10.5 km SE of Watertown, NY
16/05/0420:08:57.543.466N77.043W5.01.20Ml42.2 km NE of Webster, NY
16/04/2809:45:22.244.408N74.926W5.81.29Ml28.5 km SE of Canton, NY
16/04/2602:10:23.241.000N80.464W3.01.84Ml9.8 km W of New Castle, PA
16/04/2514:54:26.641.003N80.450W3.01.95Ml8.7 km W of New Castle, PA
16/04/2509:03:02.641.025N80.512W3.01.78Ml14.2 km W of New Castle, PA
16/04/2508:16:55.140.988N80.386W3.01.69Ml3.5 km W of New Castle, PA
16/04/2504:05:25.341.001N80.450W10.01.91Ml8.7 km W of New Castle, PA
16/04/1810:34:40.141.598N79.527W10.02.16Ml12.7 km E of Titusville, PA
16/04/1609:40:45.943.877N74.424W4.10.93Ml55.5 km SW of Saranac Lake, NY
16/04/1308:50:36.244.973N73.525W5.00.64Ml24.9 km S of Napierville, QUE
16/04/1203:10:58.244.932N73.828W5.01.65Ml38.1 km E of Malone, NY
16/04/1006:14:49.444.968N74.103W5.61.32Ml20.2 km NE of Malone, NY