Member of the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS). The LCSN is operated by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in cooperation with 35 educational institutions, museums, and nature conservation organizations in the Northeastern United States. The network operation is supported by the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program (NEHRP) through the U.S. Geological Survey. * Indicates probable blast or explosion
15/03/2720:19:44.140.844N74.177W4.71.23Ml2 km SW of Clifton, NJ
15/03/2521:44:20.843.252N71.750W5.01.34Ml18 km W of Concord, NH
15/03/0200:54:24.045.150N73.826W12.91.55Ml27 km SE of Valleyfield, QUE
15/02/2601:11:46.444.327N74.530W5.02.20Ml32 km W of Saranac Lake, NY
15/02/2414:18:27.641.734N71.884W2.02.10Ml20 km S of Putnam, CT
15/02/1404:47:19.244.451N74.824W5.01.93Ml28 km SE of Potsdam, NY
15/02/0809:34:30.144.767N74.589W6.11.65Ml25 km W of Malone, NY
15/02/0514:55:13.043.665N74.087W5.01.84Ml53 km NW of Glens Falls, NY
15/01/2523:25:10.339.999N75.657W2.02.73Ml4 km E of Downingtown, PA
15/01/1919:39:10.745.184N74.193W22.31.61Ml9 km SW of Valleyfield, QUE
15/01/1916:35:14.645.205N74.182W5.02.43Ml6 km SW of Valleyfield, QUE
15/01/1509:39:38.541.728N71.882W5.22.24Ml21 km S of Putnam, CT
15/01/1413:10:22.241.730N71.891W4.21.77Ml21 km S of Putnam, CT
15/01/1411:33:45.041.735N71.895W5.02.00Ml20 km S of Putnam, CT
15/01/1211:36:39.441.737N71.888W4.03.51Ml20 km S of Putnam, CT
15/01/1115:54:57.844.682N73.652W3.61.87Ml16 km W of Plattsburgh, NY
15/01/0814:28:00.741.746N71.884W2.02.42Ml19 km S of Putnam, CT
14/12/3120:38:07.543.565N78.680W5.01.73Ml44 km N of Lockport, NY
14/12/3002:44:50.545.154N74.226W9.62.16Ml13 km SW of Valleyfield, QUE
14/12/2814:19:18.140.842N74.174W4.21.51Ml2 km SW of Clifton, NJ
14/12/2311:40:01.744.029N74.208W11.31.43Ml34 km S of Saranac Lake, NY
14/12/1312:13:36.640.159N74.429W5.01.92Ml13 km SE of Twin Rivers, NJ
14/11/3009:32:24.843.506N79.169W5.02.26Ml30 km SE of Toronto, ONT
14/11/2923:27:20.743.140N78.777W9.01.51Ml8 km SW of Lockport, NY
14/11/2904:18:26.542.577N79.060W2.91.70Ml25 km NE of Dunkirk, NY
14/11/2601:33:38.144.091N76.024W5.02.04Ml16 km NW of Watertown, NY
14/11/2007:18:32.441.001N73.649W2.01.70Ml1 km SW of Greenwich, CT
14/11/1303:30:08.343.628N73.972W6.41.62Ml22 km NW of Warrensburg, NY
14/11/0800:11:20.243.298N78.340W4.41.70Ml10 km NE of Medina, NY
14/09/0310:47:13.541.018N74.031W14.01.27Ml2 km S of Park Ridge, NJ
14/08/3121:34:10.941.196N80.776W2.62.14Ml16 km NW of Youngstown, OH
14/08/2304:55:14.742.939N74.431W5.01.79Ml9 km SW of Johnstown, NY
14/08/0420:50:04.344.130N73.015W8.01.00Ml18 km NE of Middlebury, VT
14/08/0106:18:31.143.865N72.326W5.01.70Ml18 km N of Hanover, NH
14/07/2415:25:16.743.406N73.989W7.01.56Ml30 km W of Glens Falls, NY
14/07/1919:50:59.043.579N78.624W4.51.49Ml44 km NW of Medina, NY
14/07/1815:43:50.841.088N74.282W5.01.20Ml4 km SW of Ringwood, NJ
14/07/0809:08:26.540.722N74.113W11.11.62Ml3 km W of Jersey City, NJ
14/07/0514:46:39.541.364N73.934W5.02.53Ml4 km SE of West Point, NY
14/06/2008:41:24.444.450N71.147W7.01.90Ml4 km SE of Berlin, NH
14/06/1904:09:50.939.818N75.005W5.21.02Ml13 km SW of Ramblewood, NJ
14/06/1710:32:05.444.718N71.772W5.01.90Ml54 km NW of Berlin, NH
14/06/0520:49:43.544.817N75.971W12.12.40Ml41 km W of Ogdensburg, NY
14/06/0308:29:12.245.014N74.200W8.71.44Ml20 km NE of Malone, NY
14/05/3109:28:36.240.951N74.397W8.01.86Ml6 km N of Boonton, NJ
14/05/1203:44:35.841.319N73.693W3.01.73Ml7 km SE of Mahopac, NY
14/04/1310:27:15.244.976N74.825W9.41.32Ml8 km NE of Massena, NY
14/04/0121:26:39.744.510N75.947W4.22.06Ml42 km SW of Ogdensburg, NY
14/03/2519:51:10.345.452N74.187W18.02.41Ml23 km N of Valleyfield, QUE
14/03/2401:26:02.944.768N73.827W5.01.75Ml31 km W of Plattsburgh, NY
14/03/1107:01:13.341.003N80.534W5.22.10Ml14 km SE of Youngstown, OH
14/03/1015:44:06.741.009N80.531W5.02.64Ml14 km SE of Youngstown, OH
14/03/1015:03:47.641.009N80.530W5.02.23Ml14 km SE of Youngstown, OH
14/03/1006:42:44.241.008N80.555W5.02.42Ml13 km SE of Youngstown, OH
14/03/1006:26:45.941.010N80.543W2.53.00Ml13 km SE of Youngstown, OH
14/02/2302:19:09.044.711N73.873W9.41.63Ml33 km W of Plattsburgh, NY
14/02/1304:57:38.043.640N78.395W5.02.88Ml47 km N of Medina, NY
14/02/1122:46:33.341.629N70.849W5.02.63Ml7 km E of New Bedford, MA
14/02/1109:52:57.144.528N70.777W5.01.86Ml18 km W of Rumford, ME
14/02/0922:34:04.941.481N80.364W5.02.18Ml8 km N of Greenville, PA
14/02/0812:34:21.542.693N74.089W11.91.65Ml18 km W of Westmere, NY
14/02/0715:45:06.545.095N73.646W12.02.75Ml21 km SW of Napierville, QUE
14/02/0704:15:33.844.653N70.705W5.02.00Ml17 km NW of Rumford, ME
14/02/0603:19:23.644.560N75.125W7.51.82Ml17 km SW of Potsdam, NY
14/02/0204:55:35.243.948N72.001W5.02.28Ml36 km NE of Hanover, NH
14/02/0112:32:59.441.007N73.699W11.91.76Ml3 km NW of Rye, NY
14/01/3005:51:51.945.406N74.415W12.11.88Ml28 km SE of Hawkesbury, ONT
14/01/1608:28:14.043.806N70.416W5.01.90Ml4 km SE of North Windham, ME
14/01/0902:02:38.739.927N76.324W5.01.75Ml8 km S of Millersville, PA
14/01/0118:33:31.945.556N74.287W11.42.14Ml12 km SE of Lachutte, QUE
13/12/2115:21:15.245.108N74.007W9.92.66Ml19 km SE of Valleyfield, QUE
13/12/0504:10:14.944.009N72.458W5.22.05Ml21 km S of Barre, VT
13/11/2914:42:13.241.397N71.947W5.02.58Ml10 km W of Westerly, RI
13/11/2914:05:01.541.324N71.891W6.32.41Ml8 km SW of Westerly, RI
13/11/2017:59:40.939.408N82.247W8.34.29Ml15 km NW of Athens, OH
13/11/1002:32:22.244.955N74.806W5.01.83Ml7 km NE of Massena, NY
13/10/1101:07:41.843.254N71.746W4.02.85Ml18 km W of Concord, NH
13/10/0203:19:11.940.240N81.258W0.02.59Ml63 km S of Canton, OH*
13/09/2615:08:33.241.383N72.942W0.02.04Ml15 km NE of Shelton, CT*
13/09/1109:15:16.345.490N75.274W4.41.73Ml31 km SW of Ripon, QUE
13/09/1003:28:29.342.596N76.906W5.02.02Ml31 km S of Geneva, NY
13/08/2704:40:14.444.667N74.082W13.81.99Ml26 km SE of Malone, NY
13/08/2513:33:14.143.351N73.794W10.12.67Ml13 km W of Glens Falls, NY
13/07/3100:15:30.445.492N75.274W5.01.60Ml31 km SW of Ripon, QUE
13/07/2704:50:44.143.304N75.088W5.02.04Ml25 km NE of Utica, NY
13/07/2023:05:07.144.983N74.603W4.11.37Ml24 km E of Massena, NY
13/07/1603:58:10.439.848N77.593W5.02.12Ml12 km SE of Chambersburg, PA
13/07/0502:49:26.045.469N73.976W15.11.89Ml27 km NE of Valleyfield, QUE
13/07/0107:48:44.341.792N81.322W6.03.17Ml10 km NW of Painesville, OH
13/06/2315:54:39.940.904N74.511W2.02.11Ml1 km E of Rockaway, NJ
13/06/1605:47:23.545.244N75.358W5.02.52Ml33 km SE of Ottawa, ONT
13/05/3005:34:59.145.770N76.369W13.23.53Ml65 km NW of Ottawa, ONT
13/05/2419:48:09.245.764N76.357W13.12.91Ml64 km NW of Ottawa, ONT
13/05/2120:43:01.945.441N74.199W12.03.42Ml22 km N of Valleyfield, QUE
13/05/1905:14:23.245.208N75.518W5.01.86Ml27 km SE of Ottawa, ONT
13/05/1713:53:55.845.757N76.354W10.74.18Ml64 km NW of Ottawa, ONT
13/05/1713:43:24.445.756N76.353W13.05.13Ml63 km NW of Ottawa, ONT
13/05/1614:13:33.242.819N78.246W9.91.38Ml21 km S of Batavia, NY
13/05/1519:13:15.345.414N75.974W11.12.18Ml21 km W of Ottawa, ONT
13/05/0209:53:37.043.909N73.989W7.21.50Ml48 km S of Saranac Lake, NY
13/05/0201:54:05.344.748N74.981W8.21.19Ml9 km N of Potsdam, NY
13/04/2101:01:00.743.407N78.334W6.81.93Ml21 km N of Medina, NY
13/04/1513:32:26.445.802N74.446W10.02.83Ml19 km NW of Lachutte, QUE
13/04/0111:28:04.644.069N76.021W7.51.73Ml14 km NW of Watertown, NY
13/03/1722:49:26.641.658N80.895W5.02.11Ml27 km S of Ashtabula, OH
13/03/1721:34:39.843.834N74.100W12.81.64Ml55 km S of Saranac Lake, NY
13/03/1400:01:53.343.828N74.236W5.02.30Ml56 km S of Saranac Lake, NY
13/03/1320:32:22.845.548N74.592W14.32.30Ml7 km SE of Hawkesbury, ONT
13/03/0723:12:06.142.592N74.146W15.32.22Ml25 km SW of Westmere, NY
13/03/0602:24:29.445.556N74.394W10.01.94Ml11 km S of Lachutte, QUE
13/03/0218:23:39.044.812N75.268W18.91.80Ml22 km NE of Ogdensburg, NY
13/02/2610:31:35.044.895N74.524W12.51.97Ml19 km W of Malone, NY
13/02/2009:39:04.845.100N74.207W4.92.03Ml18 km S of Valleyfield, QUE
13/02/1909:53:04.241.238N77.056W10.72.25Ml5 km W of Williamsport, PA
13/02/1607:44:25.543.080N74.100W6.41.75Ml17 km NE of Amsterdam, NY
13/02/0705:30:20.045.430N71.483W4.63.16Ml33 km E of Sherbrooke, QUE
13/02/0308:27:00.045.624N74.655W2.81.86Ml3 km NW of Hawkesbury, ONT
13/02/0223:56:38.045.625N74.644W2.01.98Ml3 km N of Hawkesbury, ONT
13/01/1613:46:37.744.493N74.066W5.02.36Ml19 km N of Saranac Lake, NY
13/01/1303:45:26.043.761N78.694W4.21.67Ml59 km E of Toronto, ONT
13/01/1207:34:38.245.558N74.769W13.82.22Ml18 km SE of Montebello, QUE
12/12/1003:54:39.143.439N74.015W4.31.71Ml33 km NW of Glens Falls, NY
12/12/0411:11:20.843.631N70.693W10.02.71Ml22 km N of Sanford, ME
12/11/2305:13:19.939.789N75.016W5.02.17Ml17 km S of Ramblewood, NJ
12/11/0612:24:08.242.359N72.648W5.02.25Ml17 km N of Holyoke, MA
12/11/0506:19:10.641.075N74.222W5.02.04Ml3 km SW of Mahwah, NJ
12/11/0407:38:34.341.209N73.351W12.62.03Ml13 km W of Trumbull, CT
12/10/2604:34:58.443.355N78.634W5.02.45Ml21 km N of Lockport, NY