Funded Projects


Proposal Title



April 2013 

Buckley, Brendan Davi, Nicole       Rao, Mukund P.

The influence of atmospheric and oceanic forcings on the Southwest and Northeast Monsoon over India:  A paleoclimate perspective $9,776  

Cook, Edward R. D'Arrigo, Rosanne

Staying at the forefront:  building state of the art image analysis and density capacity for climatic and ecological research for the Lamont Tree-Ring Lab  $10,000  
 D'Andrea, William Improving the utility of leaf wax δD for arctic paleohydrology:  Quantifying n-alkane distributions and apparent isotope fractionation in modern samples  $6,000  
Dassié, Emilie P. Tracking tropical cyclonic activity using trace metals in coral skeletons  $10,000  
Ferguson, David A link between climate and volcanism in Southern Chile?  $6,432  

Hickman, Jonathan E.                   McGuire, Krista L.

Biotic and abiotic controls over greenhouse gas and air pollution precursor emissions from sub-Saharan Africa $9,821  

Keul, Nina deMenocal, Peter

Double trouble:  Tracing the effect of Ocean Acidification and Ocean Warming in the shells of Arctic Pteropods $10,000  
Linsley, Braddock Exploring Coral Skeletal δ18Ο as a Tracer of Past Tropical Cyclone Thermal Wakes $10,000  

Nichols, Jonathan Peteet, Dorothy M.  Heusser, Linda E.

Late Glacial Climate Change in Mid-Latitude South America:  Temperature and Moisture $9,996  

Pavia, Frank Winckler, Gisela Nichols, Jonathan

Leaf wax n-alkane concentrations and stable isotope composition in dust - A new dust proxy for the South Pacific $10,000  
Polissar, Pratigya Molecular Records of Cenozoic Terrestrial Climate Change on Antarctica $10,000  

Porter, David    Tinto, Kirsteen    Bell, Robin

New measurements of water temperatures and seafloor depths using XBTs in a northwest Greenland fjord $7,687  

Putnam, Aaron Broecker, Wallace

The Role of Ice Sheet Feedbacks in Northern Hemisphere Ice Ages $10,000  
Recasens, Cristina Goldstein, Steve Winckler, Gisela Kaplan, Michael Investigating mineral dust in the southern latitudes and its paleoclimate effects $9,500  
Sambrotto, Raymond Griffin, Kevin Isotopic impact of the alternative respiratory pathway in plants and marine phytoplankton:  A significant unknown in the analysis of biosphere-climate interactions $9,935  
Schaefer, Joerg     Roy, Martin Timing lake-level fluctuations of glacial Lake Ojibway during the last deglaciation $10,000  
Seltzer, Alan        Stute, Martin  Schaefer, Joerg Climate sensitivity in low latitude:  glacial/interglacial temperature changes in New Zealand derived from noble gases dissolved in groundwater and snow line elevation changes $9,990  
Smerdon, Jason Climate Center Support for proposed Lecturer:  J. Fidel Gonzalez-Rouco $5,726  
Uno, Kevin deMenocal, Peter Terrestrial paleoecology from stable isotope analysis of leaf wax n-alkanes in East African Paleosols $10,000  
van Geen, Alexander Radiocarbon dating a new record of the strength of the Walker circulation across the Pacific $9,450  
Young, Nicolás E. The dimensions of the Greenland Ice Sheet during the warmer-than-present middle Holocene $10,000  
Yuan, Xiaojun Cane, Mark Mini-Conference:  Connecting the Tropics to Polar Regions $10,000  
October 2012 
Ali, Guleed Ahmed Hussein Acquisition of a Trimble GeoXT 6000 for High-precision Elevations for Paleoclimate Research $1,816  

Andreu Hayles, Laia
Putnam, Aaron E.
Clark, Elizabeth
Broecker, Wallace
Cook, Edward R.

Populus euphratica and Tamarix ramosissima δ 13 C tree-ring chronologies from the Taklamakan Desert, Xinjiang, China $7,000  

Boelman, Natalie T.

Understanding drivers of changing arthropod communities on the tundra as Arctic warming facilitates woody deciduous shrub expansion  $7,450  

Cairns, Brian
Sinclair, Kenneth

Passive Retrievals of Cloud Droplet Number Concentrations $10,000  
Dassié, Emilie P. Assessing the utility of the coral genius Diploastrea for paleoclimatic reconstructions $10,000  
Goes, Joaquim I. Assessing the impacts of ocean acidification on phytoplankton communities of the Amazon River Plume and on their value as a food source for higher trophic organisms $6,960  
Goldsmith, Yonaton Arye
Broecker, Wallace


Reconstructing Late Pleistocene – Holocene mid-latitudes atmospheric 36 Cl production rates derived from fossilized Packrat Urine $10,000  

Goldstein, Steven
Hall, Ian Christopher
Barker, Stephen
North, Rachel

Deciphering Ice Sheet Contributions to Heinrich Event 2 using Nd-Pb-Sr Isotopes $10,000  
Griffin, Kevin Linking canopy greening, leaf phenology and photosynthetic activity in Arctic vegetation $9,991   

Hemming, Sidney R.
Barbeau, Jr., David
Oliver, Benjamin P.

Thermochronology with THE FUSIONS 970 DIODE LASER STEPPED HEATING SYSTEM: Evaluating the suitability of the Larsen Basin for testing the Cretaceous glaciation hypothesis $10,000  
Kushnir, Yochanan Climate Center support for the visit of Efrat Morin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem $5,000  

Linsley, Braddock K.
Takahashi, Taro

Investigating the role of salinity in the mercury concentration in coral aragonite $10,000  
Lu, Feng H.
Linsley, Braddock K.


Coupling platform dolomitization with basinal evaporative deposition: A new approach for tackling the Messinian salinity crisis $9,700  

Martin Benito, Dario
Pederson, Neil

Climate reconstruction from tree-rings from broadleaved species from old-growth temperate $8,700  
Nichols, Jonathan E. Second workshop of the “Development of Isotopic Proxies for Paleoenvironmental Interpretation: A Carbon Perspective” (DIPPI-C) working group $10,000  

Pfirman, Stephanie
Schlosser, Peter
Tremblay, Bruno
Newton, Bob

Arctic Sea Ice Restoration Workshop $10,000  
Putnam, Aaron E.
Kaplan, Michael R.
Schaefer, Joerg M.


A test of climate controls on glacier snowlines in the Southern Alps of New Zealand: $10,000  

Schaefer, Joerg M
Rupper, Summer

Glacier and Climate Change and the relevance for power generation - test case Rhone River Catchment $10,000  
Stute, Martin Workshop on Aquifers as Archives of Paleoclimate $10,000  

Thierens, Mieke
Raymo, Maureen

Ice-sheet forcing in the 41 versus 100 ka Pleistocene world: testing the "regolith hypothesis" $10,000  
Tsigaridis, Konstantinos  Development of an aqueous chemistry formation mechanism of organic aerosols in the atmosphere, suitable for a global climate model: first steps towards brown carbon modeling $9,827  
Winckler, Gisela Hemming, Sidney  A proof of concept using THE FUSIONS 970 DIODE LASER STEPPED HEATING SYSTEM: Extraterrestrial 3 He as a proxy for fresh water volume released during Heinrich Events $10,000  
  CC lecturer: Eric Steig, University of Washington
April 2012 

Abbott, Dallas
Hönisch, Bärbel

What is the Source of Tropical Marine Foraminifera in the Hudson River? $8000  
D’Andrea, William J. IP25-based sea ice reconstruction from Baffin Bay and evaluation highly branched  isoprenoid δ13C as a sea ice proxy $8000  

Gomes, Helga do Rosario
Stauffer, Beth
Goes, Joaquim

The Role of Climate Change and Hypoxia in the Sudden Emergence of Blooms of the Dinoflagellate 'Noctiluca Miliaris' in the Arabian Sea $7860  
Heusser, Linda North American Droughts of the Medieval Climate Anomaly and the Little Ice age – response of the Pacific Northwest $ 3700  
Hickman, Jonathan E.
Baethgen, Walter
The contribution of agriculture to early season trace gas pulses in sub-Saharan Africa and their effects on air quality $8000  
Kong, Angela Yin Yee Linking Microbial Activity and Fertilizer Management to Potential Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Rooftop Farms in Urban Areas $8000  
Newton, Bob Infrastructure to Monitor Climate Change Response in Piermont Marsh $8 000  
Paukert, Amelia
Matter, Jürg


Borehole in situ dissolved noble gas sampling for gathering paleoclimatic data from aquifers $8,000  

Pena, Leopoldo D.
Wu, Yingzhe

Characterization of the Neodymium Isotope End-Member in the Southern Ocean: Present Day and Paleo-Records $8 000  
Polissar, Pratigya J. Does Alkenone δD Record Seawater δD? Analysis of sediment, water and particulate samples from the Central Equatorial Pacific $7975  

Schaefer, J.M.
Briner, J.
Young, N.

Holocene and Little Ice Age Glacier and Temperature Change in the Arctic $8 000  

Torfstein, Adi
Tierney, Jessica

Calibration and integration of leaf wax δD and siliciclastic Sr-Nd isotopic compositions in the Dead Sea

Yanchilina, Anastasia G. Application of trace element and stable isotope distributions in ostracods to constrain the Holocene $5000  
Anchukaitis, Kevin+
Andreu-Hayles, Laia
Cain, Jonathan
Wong, Christina


Climate and Paleoclimate at Chimborazo - the Point Farthest From the Center of the Earth $7720  
Broecker, Wallace S.
Putnam, Aaron E.
Clark, Elizabeth H.
14C-dating and dendrochronology of ancient trees in the Taklamakan Desert, Xinjiang, China $8000  
Bromley, Gordon
Putnam, Aaron
The Loch Lomond Readvance in Scotland: constraint and calibration $7900  
Camargo, Suzana J.
Tippett, Michael K.
Sobel, Adam H.
Mini-Conference: Severe Convection and Climate $7767  
D'Andrea, William J.
Lee, Daphne E.*
Examining terrestrial paleoclimate during the Early Miocene: Biomarker and stable isotope records from a varved freshwater diatomite in New Zealand $7950  
deMenocal, Peter African Climate Change and Human Evolution Mini-Conference at Lamont $8000  
Hickman, Jonathan E.
Baethgen, Walter
Developing a mechanistic understanding of the impact of agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa on greenhouse gas emissions and interactive effects with climate change on air quality, and understanding the importance of early season gas pulses:  a proposal to fund a project aimed at leveraging  NSF research grants $8000  
Lo, Li
Hoenisch, Baerbel
Using Boron Isotopes in Benthic Foraminifers to Evaluate Intermediate Water PCO2 Changes in the Western Pacific Ocean over the past 30,000 Years $7800  
Koutavas, Athanasios
Linsley, Braddock K.
ENSO in the last 2,000 years from individual foraminifera in Galapagos multicores $7950  
Linsley, Braddock K. Determining Baseline and Extremes in Eastern Pacific Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) Variability For Assessing Future Changes $8000  
Martin-Benito, Dario Exploring the potential of tree-rings from NE and SE Brazilian tree species for reconstructions of climate and drought $7340  
Nichols, Jonathan E. Organic Geochemistry of the Glacial Lake Varves of New England $4750  
Pederson, Neil
Anchukaitis, Kevin
Annual climate during the rise and fall of the Great Mongol Empire: Rapid collection of an ancient and endangered paleoclimate resource $7850  
Pierce, Elizabeth
Gombiner, Joel
Hemming, Sidney
Tracing the Missoula Outburst Floods: K/Ar age characterization of terrestrial flood layers $8000  
Polissar, Pratigya J. Reconstructing lake evaporation extent from simultaneous measurement of D/H ratios on aquatic and terrestrial lipids: a proof of concept $8000  
Puma, Michael J.
Bose, Satyajit
Understanding the impacts of future drought climatology on global food security $7998  
Putnam, Aaron E.
Schaefer, Joerg M.
Constructing a 10Be surface-exposure chronology of Holocene glacier fluctuations in the Bhutanese Himalaya $8000  
Ruprecht, Janina
Hönisch, Bärbel
Experimental Evaluation of the pH-Dependence of Boron-Adsorption onto Clay Minerals and Implications for the secular evolution of seawater d 11B and [B] $8000  
Schaefer, Joerg Glacier Snowlines and Climate Change $8000  
Seager, Richard
Naik, Naomi
Creation of an IPCC AR5/Couped Model Intercomparison Project 5 model data archive for use by the Lamont research community
Tierney, Jessica
deMenocal, Peter
A spatio-temporal view of the African Humid Period via leaf wax isotopes $8000  
Torfstein, Adi
Johnson, Joanne*
A study of (234U/238U) disequilibrium and comminution dating boundary conditions along the Antarctic Peninsula $8000  
Tsukui, Kaori
Hemming, Sidney
Flynn, John
Reconstructing terrestrial effects of the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum in the Greater Green River Basin through a high-precision 40Ar/39Ar geochronology
Yuan, Xiaojun Detecting the long-term trend in water masses in Pryd Bay and adjacent regions $8000  
APRIL 2011
Abbott, Dallas Can We Use Stable Isotopes to Fingerprint Carbonate Rich Layers in the Hudson and To Relate Them to Specific Climatic Processes and Events? $7450  
Ali, Guleed
Bromley, Gordon  
Winckler, Gisela
3 He production-rate calibration from Red Cones and Groundhog Cone, Sierra Nevada $7955.92  
Anchukaitis, Kevin J. Construction of a device for rapid cellulose extraction from wood for applications in isotope dendrochronology and organic biogeochemistry $7750  
Bell, Andrew
Arora, Poonam
Buckley, Brendan
Mapping climate information demand in Vietnam $7300  
Broecker, Wally
Luz, Boaz
The 17 O-excess of dissolved O 2 in the deep-sea: A possible tracer of Little Ice Age oceanography $8000  
Bromley, Gordon
Winckler, Gisela
Fire and Ice: deglaciation as a trigger for volcanism $7856  
Hemming, Sidney Testing the application of single grain K-Ar and Rb-Sr dating of glauconite for constraining the time scale of sea level variations $8000  
Heusser, Linda North American Droughts of the Medieval Climate Anomaly and Little Ice Age Cooling  -  Response of the Pacific Northwest $8000  
Hickman, Jonathan E.
Rosenzweig, Cynthia
The impact of agricultural development in East Africa on the resilience of maize production to climate change $3263  
Nichols, Jonathan
Peteet, Dorothy
Carbon Storage and Paleoclimate in Alaskan Peatlands $8000  
Polissar, Pratigya J. 
Bralower, Timothy J.
Alkenone-based Records of Miocene p CO 2 Revisited $8000  
Putnam, Aaron E.
Broecker, Wallace S.
Reconstructing Holocene hydroclimate in Central Asia: 14 C-dating and dendrochronology of ancient trees and pluvial lake shorelines in Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China $8000  
Ruprecht, Philipp
Hemming, Sidney R.
230 Th/ 238 U-disequilibrium dating of ash layers in the climate record of the Wilson Creek Formation, Mono Basin; Eastern California $8000  
Subramaniam, Ajit
Tierney, Jessica
Yan, Beizhan
Sohm, Jill
Developing Lipid Biomarkers to Study the Fate of Diazotrophs in the Ocean $8000  
Tierney, Jessica E. Exploring the potential of Himalayan Bhutanese lake sediments for Holocene reconstructions of temperature and Indian monsoon intensity $8000  
Yu, Jimin Mid-depth ocean circulation in the Atlantic since the last glacial age $8000  
2011 (OFF-CYCLE)
Franzese, Allison Paleo-Hydrography South of Africa: Assessing the Role of the Subtropical Front in Regulating Agulhas Leakage at the Last Glacial Termination $8000  
Schaefer, Joerg M.
Johnson, Joanne
A proposal to the Lamont Climate Center to sponsor a Workshop about past, present and future Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability $8000

Serno, Sascha
Winckler, Gisela
Anderson, Robert F.
Suzuki, Ashushi
Felis, Thomas
Haug, Gerald H.


Annual dust flux reconstructions based on Helium-4 from a 130-year Porites coral record from Chichijima Island, Japan $7620  
Boelman, Natalie
Peteet, Dorothy
Using ancient DNA to explore the relationship between migratory songbirds, climate and shrub abundance in Arctic tundra ecosystems from LGM to present $8000  
Brusatte, Stephen
Whiteside, Jessica*
Mateus, Octavio*
Butler, Richard*
End-Triassic Climate Change and Mass Extinction: Atmospheric pCO2 and Vertebrate Fossils from the Algarve Basin (Portugal) $6000  
Hickman, Jonathan
Baethgen, Walter
The impact of agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa on greenhouse gas emissions and interactive effects with climate change on air quality $8000  
Kaplan, Michael
Schaefer, Joerg
Glacier history of the low-mid latitudes of South America and paleoclimate forcings $7745  
Olsen, Paul
Hemming, Sidney
Rasbury, Troy*
Goldstein, Steve
Kent, Dennis
Millennial-Scale Dynamics of the CO2 Super-Greenhouse at the End-Triassic Extinction $8000  
Peteet, Dorothy M.
Kenna, Timothy C.
Nichols, Jonathan E.
Dating of Piermont Marsh Droughts as Identified from XRF Elemental Data and Plant Macrofossils $7998  
Polissar, Pratigya
Ravelo, A. Christina*
Testing alkenone dD values as
a paleosalinity proxy with particulate and sediment samples from the Eastern Equatorial
Schmidt, Gavin
Monteleoni, Claire
The First International Workshop on Climate Informatics $6500  
C. Monteleoni, G.A. Schmidt, F. Alexander, A. Niculescu-Mizil, K. Steinhaeuser, M. Tippett, A. Banerjee, M.B. Blumenthal, A.R. Ganguly, J.E. Smerdon, and M. Tedesco, “Climate Informatics,” In Computational Intelligent Data Analysis for Sustainable Development; Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series. Yu, T., Chawla, N., and Simoff, S. (Eds.), Taylor&  Francis. To appear, 2012. (PREPRINT)
Serno, Sascha
Winckler, Gisela
Anderson, Robert F.
Haug, Gerald H.*
Dust in the Subarctic North Pacific: Improving Proxies of Eolian Dust Fluxes $6970  
Tierney, Jessica
deMenocal, Peter
Reconstructing hydrological variability in the Horn of Africa during the past millennium using a molecular approach $8000  
Wang, Xianfeng
Hemming, Sidney
Zimmerman, Susan
Hemming, Gary
Application of high precision U/Th dating to constraining paleohydrological change recorded in Mono Lake sediments $8000  
Weber, Lisa
Abbott, Dallas
Scolecodonts as a Paleosalinity Indicator $7825  
APRIL 2010
Andreu Hayles, Laia
Anchukaitis, Kevin
D'Arrigo, Rosanne

Tundra shrub willow ring-width chronologies along a latitudinal gradient in northeastern Alaska


Broecker, Wallace S.
Pena, Leopoldo
Re-colonization of 'G. menardii' and 'G. tumida' into the Atlantic Ocean after the Last Glacial Maximum $6300  
Chang, Su-chin 
Zhang, Haichun
Gao, Keqin
Bowring, Sam

High-precision age for the Jurassic Haifanggou Formation and its implications for the coevolution of plants and atmospheric CO2

Cook, Edward R.
Wahl, Eugene R.
Zorita, Eduardo
Lamont Mini-Conference: Bayesian Methods of Climate Field Reconstruction $6,740  
Gombiner, Joel  
Hemming, Sidney
Hendy,  Ingrid

K-Ar evidence for provenance of fine-grained sediments off Vancouver Island: A Proposal to the Climate Center for Undergraduate Research

Hemming, Sidney
Licht, Kathy
Palmer, Emerson
In search of East Antarctic paleo-ice flow patterns in the Ross Sea during the Last Glacial Maximum:  Tracing glacially derived material using 40Ar/39Ar isotopic analyses of detritus
Schaefer, Joerg
Winckler, Gisela
Bromley, Gordon
Putnam, Aaron
Rupper, Summer
Sensitivity of tropical Glaciers to Holocene climate changes - a pilot study from Bolivia $8000  
Wang, Xiangfeng
Broecker, Wallace S.

Uranium systematics in North Pacific deep sea red clays

Wunder, Jan
Bento Elias, Rui
Cook, Edward

Exploring the dendrochronological potential of endemic tree species from the Azores, Portugal

Yan, Beizhan
Wang, Xiangfeng
Vegetation change in the Amazon lowlands
Yu, Jimin
Broecker, Wallace

Using planktonic B/Ca to reconstruct high latitude surface ocean PCO2 during the last deglacial period

Allen, Katherine
Hönisch, Bärbel

Ground-truthing the B/Ca proxy in tropical planktic foraminifer shells: Investigating the effects of pH, temperature, salinity and carbonate ion


$8000  Final Report
Andreu Hayles, Laia
Ruiz Carrascal, Daniel
Anchukaitis, Kevin

Dendrochronological potential of Polylepis and Espeletia in the high-altitude ecosystems of the Colombian Central Cordillera, South America


$7877   Progress Report
Chang, Su-chin
Hemming, Sidney

High Precision Ar-Ar and U-Pb Dating of Volcanic Ashes that Bracket the Mid-Miocene Climate Transition in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica


Cook, Ed
Li, Jinbao

Exploring the dendrochronological potential of native Hawaiian tree species for the study of long-term tropical Pacific climate dynamics


Griffin, Kevin

Local Fossil Fuel Contributions to Atmospheric CO2 in New York City


Hays, James Using deep-living radiolarians as a means to measure changes in organic flux to the deep-sea
Hemming, Sidney
Cox, Stephen

Application of allanite (U-Th)/He dating and mineral magnetism to correlating tephras in Quaternary terrestrial climate records


Hickman, Jonathan E.
Rosenzweig, Cynthia

The impact of agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa on greenhouse gas emissions from soils: a proposal to fund a start-up project aimed at leveraging an NSF research grant


Kenna, Tim
Fleisher, Martin
Ice Core Records of Recent Climate and Environmental Change in Central Asia: Using 137Cs from atmospheric nuclear weapons tests conducted by the People’s Republic of China to improve chronostratigraphic information $8000  
Kushnir, Yochanan
Sobel, Adam
Cane, Mark
Seager, Richard
Proposed Climate Center Visitor: Professor In Sik Kang $8000  
Luz, Boaz
Stute, Martin
Paleo record of 17O-excess in ground water
Nichols, Jonathan E.
Peteet, Dorothy
Linking peatland hydrology to changes in methane flux
Pena, Leopoldo
Goldstein, Steve
Hemming, Sidney

A window into the Last Glacial Maximum Agulhas thermohaline valve using neodymium isotopes in planktonic foraminifera


Steponaitis, Elena
Hemming, Sidney
Cox, Stephen
Zimmerman, Susan

High Resolution Radiocarbon Ages between Ashes 5 and 4 at Mono Lake: A Test for the Presence of the Dry and Wet Phases of the Mystery Interval


APRIL 2009
Chacko, Diya
Hönisch, Bärbel
Linsley, Braddock
Corals as recorders of ocean acidity: Seasonal variation and ocean acidification from the Industrial Revolution to the present $8000  
Cléroux, Caroline
Arbuszewski, Jennifer
deMenocal, Peter
Tracking the old Deglacial Mode Water mass of Southern Ocean origin in the equatorial oceans $8000  
Jones, Kevin
Goldstein, Steve
Hemming, Sidney
Development of Procedures to Measure the Seawater Neodymium Isotope Signal in
Authigenic Ferro-Manganese Sediments from the South African Margin
Mey, Jacob
van Geen, Lex
Kenna, Tim
A Poor‐Man’s automated portable XRF Core Scanner at LDEO $8000  
Pena, Leopoldo
Goldstein, Steve
Hemming, Sidney
The role of Southern Ocean intermediate waters during deglaciations: assesment with neodymium isotopes in foraminifera $8000  
Pierce, Elizabeth
Hemming, Sidney
Investigating the Provenance of the Hematite-stained Grains in the North Atlantic $7976  
Wang, Daiwei
Khatiwala, Samar
Cane, Mark
Simulating changes in subtropical-tropical water mass exchange under global warming using the transport matrix method $7800  
Yu, Jimin
Broecker, Wallace S.
Setting-up foraminiferal element/Ca ratio method for paleoceanographic studies $8000  
Yuan, Xiaojun Cyclone impacts and enhanced ocean heat flux in the Western Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf $8000

McKee, D.C. , X. Yuan, A.L. Gordon, B.A. Huber and Z. Dong, 2011: Climate impact on interannual variability of Weddell Sea Bottom Water.  J. Geo. Res. 116 : C05020, doi:10.1029/2010JC006484



Abbott, Dallas Was the Climate Downturn from 536 to 542 A.D. Produced by a Cosmic Swarm? $3570  
Anchukaitis, Kevin J.
Buckley, Brendan M.
Establishing the stable oxygen isotope signature of precipitation in the Central Highlands of Vietnam for application to dendroclimatology $6320  
Goehring, Brent
Christie-Blick, Nicholas
Schaefer, Joerg
Did climate-induced changes of Holocene groundwater levels in Death Valley trigger
hydrovolcanic eruptions?
Goldstein, Steve       Hemming, Sidney Sampling the Sources of Agulhas Current Particulates $8000  
Hönisch, Bärbel
Hemming, N. Gary
Hemming, Sidney
Rasbury, E. Troy
Penman, Donald
Evaluating the potential of boron isotopic composition of brachiopod calcite as a
proxy for Phanerozoic seawater pH and secular variation in d11Bseawater
$8000   Progress Report
Kaplan, Michael
Goldstein, Steve
Geochemical Signatures of Patagonian Sources of Material to the Ocean and Atmosphere $6250  
Mey, Jacob L. De‐convoluting the reef‐building history of Barbadian drowned paleo‐reefs $7754  
van Geen, Alexander
Mey, Jacob L.
Extending and expanding paleo-proxy records at annual resolution from anoxic Soledad Basin, Baja California $8000  
Yan, Beizhan
Peteet, Dorothy
Reconstruction of Local and Regional Biomass Combustion History Using
Black Carbon
Yu, Jimin
Broecker, Wallace S.
Reconstruction of global deep ocean carbonate ion using benthic foraminiferal B/Ca $7500  
2008 APRIL
Boelman, Natalie T. Ecological Impacts of the Alaskan Tundra Fire of 2007 via Remote Sensing & Field Surveys $5,247  
Hemming, Sidney Age distributions of detrital grains from northeastern Greenland: a 40Ar/39Ar hornblende and mica and U-Pb zircon survey $8,000  
Kenna, Tim
Peteet, Dorothy
Sritrairat, Sanpisa
Long-term droughts in the Hudson River Valley – Developing Zn, Ti, and K in marsh sediments as proxies for drought/fire and erosion $8,000  
Lance, Veronica P. Carbon productivity responses to increased dissolved inorganic carbon concentrations in surface ocean: Exploring the feasibility of an in situ mesoscale carbon addition experiment $7,999
  1. Workshop Abstract
  2. Agenda
  3. Draft Report
  4. OCBC Article
Williams, Trevor Reconstructing the history of the East Antarctic ice sheet by provenance studies of IRD at DSDP Sites 268 and 269 $4,100  
Yan, Beizhan
Sritrairat, Sanpisa
Peteet, Dorothy
Alkylated PAHs in Lake Sediments: Exploring Details of Paleo- Biomass Combustion $8,000  
Broecker, Wallace S. The miniconference on the dependence of relative humidity on earth temperature $7,000  
2007 October
Anchukaitis, Kevin Assessing the dendrochronological potential of tree species in highland Guatemala $5,011  
Cook, Benjamin Historical estimates of terrestrial vegetation and carbon dynamics using millennial scale soil moisture reconstructions $6,000  
Kaplan, Michael
Schaefer, Joerg
Putnam, Aaron
The Puerto Bandera moraine system: A test case for documenting late glacial climate change in the Southern Hemisphere $5,875   Kaplan et al, 2011
Kushnir, Yochanan Climate change in the Mediterranean Basin: A critical comparative study of IPCC model projections regarding future drying $6,000  
Loose, Brice
Ho, David
Schlosser, Peter
Takahashi, Taro
Laboratory measurement of gas transport through sea ice, with application to the Southern Ocean inorganic carbon budget $6,000  
Olsen, Paul
Hemming, Sidney
Bollide, Flood Basalt, or Artifact, Ir and Nd-Sm clues to the Climatic Catastrophe at the Triassic Jurassic Boundary $6,000  
Previdi, Michael
Liepert, Beate
Peteet, Dorothy

Climate Sensitivity Extremes: Assessing the Risk

(Supplemental Material is available here )

$6,000  Agenda
Seager, Richard
Naik, Naomi
Kushnir, Yochanan
Creation of an IPCC model data archive $4,917  
Stute, Martin Workshop on Aquifers as Archives of Paleoclimate $6000  
2007 APRIL
Abbott, Dallas The Tamarack Pond Core as a Rosetta Stone for Impact Events: How Many Late Holocene Impact Ejecta Layers $6,000   Abbott et al, 2010
Boelman, Natalie T. Using Bioacoustics to Assess Relationships among Canopy Structure, Temperature and Avian Community Characteristics in Hawaii $4,750  
Broecker, Wally
Seager Richard
Past and Future Drylands Hydrology $6,000 Agenda
Power Point Presentations
Buckley, Brendan M.
Palmer, Matthew I.
Collecting Pterocarpus Erinaceous Samples from Senegal for Dendroclimate Analyses $5,978  
Leonard, Katherine C. Field Measurements of Inhomogeneity in Wind Transport of Snow over Antarctic Sea Ice: What are Appropriate Averaging Lengths and Timescales for Models? $6,000  
Liepert, Beate The Partitioning of Direct and Diffuse Solar Irradiance by Anthropogenic Aerosols and Possible Implications for the Carbon Cycle $6,000  
Nettles, Meredith Near-Field Seismic Observations of Glacial Earthquakes and Glacier Dynamics $6,000  
van Geen, Alexander A Record of Fluctuations in Thermocline 14C from Soledad Basin, Mexico? $5,976  

2006 October

Biasutti, Michela
Sobel, Adam
Workshop on Sahel Climate Change 6,000  
Bradtmiller, Louisa
Goldstein, Steve
Hemming, Sidney
Anderson, Bob
van de Flierdt, Tina
Testing the “Glacial El Niño” Hypothesis Using Radiogenic Isotopes of Dust 6,000  
deMenocal, Peter Absolute Dating of Latest Holocene Deep-Sea Sediments: A Test-of-Method Proposal 6,000  
Goehring, Brent
Schaefer, Joerg
Cosmogenic Dating of Late Glacial and Holocene Moraines in the Icicle Creek/Enchantment Lakes Region, Washington 6,000  
McGee, David
Winckler, Gisela
Testing Chronologies of Climate Change: Resolving Disagreement Between Orbital Tuning and Radiometric Dating of Triassic Sediments (Latemar Platform, Italy) Using Extraterrestrial 3He 5,920  
Pahnke, Katharina
Goldstein, Steve
Vertical eNd Distribution in the Western Tropical Atlantic During the Last Glacial Maximum to Holocene to Complement a Mid-Depth Downcore eNd Record 6,000  
Peteet, Dorothy
Kenna, Tim
Sritrairat, Sanpisa
XRF Use in Hudson Marshes – Climate Change and Watershed History 6,000  
Subramaniam, Ajit Influence of Ocean Biota on Tropical Climate Variability 6,000  
Susanto, R. Dwi South China Sea – Indonesian Seas Transport/ Exchange (SITE) Flow 6,000  
van Geen, LexZheng, YanCheng, Zhongqi Reconstructing PDO/ENSO with Proxy Records from Southern Baja California 6,000  
Yuan, Xiaojun Investigation of Decadal Variability in the Southern Hemisphere 6,000  
Yuan, X. and E. Yonekura, 2011: Decadal variability in the Southern Hemisphere.  J. Geo. Res. 116 : D19115, doi:10.1029/2011JD015673
2006 APRIL
de Menocal, Peter
Koutavas, Athanasios
Core-Top Calibration of Individual Foraminifera d18O: A New Tool for Seasonal-Interannual Paleoceanographic Reconstruction 6,000  
Higgins, Sean Combining Radiogenic (Sr/ND) Isotope and Alkenone dDeuterium Variations to Evaluate Rapid Sediment Source and Climate Changes During the Holocene and MIS 3 at Bermuda Rise in Subtropical North Atlantic 5,750  
Jones, Kevin
Goldstein, Steve
Development of Procedures to Measure the Neodymium Isotope Composition of Seawater 6,000  
Nettles, Meredith Field Work for Observations of Glacial Earthquakes 6,000  
Williams, Trevor
van de Flierdt, Tina
Provenance of IRD Across the Eocene/Oligocene Boundary on the Kerguelen Plateaus - Clues on the Inception of Antarctic Glaciation 5,904  
Zylberberg, David
Goldstein, Steve
Measuring the Nd Isotopic Composition of LGM Circumpolar Deep Water 6,000  
Ho, David
McGillis, Wade
Broecker, Wally
Mono Lake CO2 Exchange Rate 6,000  
2005 October
Abbott, Dallas Mystery of the 535 A.D. Climate Catastrophe 6,000  
Anderson, Robert F.
Fleisher, Marty
Developing the Laschamp (40 ka) 10Be Peak as a Stratigraphic Marker to Align Marine Sediment and Ice Core Records of Abrupt Climate Change 6,000  
Broecker, Wallace S.
Cook, Edward
Miniconference on Fossil Wood from the Northern Tree Line 5,000 Annoucement 
Cherry, Jessie
Smerdon, Jason
Tremblay, Bruno
Monitoring Snow Characteristics and the Evolution of Ground Temperatures at Black Rock Forest: Adding Capacity to the Snow Research Station 6,000  
Khatiwala, Samar
Zappa, Christopher
Improved Parameterization of Gas Exchange in Global Ocean Models 8,667  
Leonard, Katherine
Tremblay, Bruno
Blowing Snow Instrumentation Development for Future Antarctic Field Deployment 5,000  
Liu, Jun
Olsen, Paul
Boreal Milankovitch Climate Cyclicity in China: Towards Calibrating Solar System Chaos and Developing a Time Scale for the Jurassic 5,800  
Nitsche, Frank Extent and Dynamic of the Irish - British Ice Sheet 3,500  
Rinterknecht, Vincent
Gorokhovich, Yuri
Schaefer, Joerg
Is Climate Change the Sole Trigger for a Great Fennoscandinvian Ice Sheet Advance in Ukraine? 6,000  
Seimon, Anton
Kelly, Meredith
Precision Dating and Fixing of the Equilibrium Altitutde Depression at the Last Galcial Maximum Along the Andes/Amazon Interface 5,800  
2005 JUNE
Buckley, Brendan
Cheng, Zhongqi
Van Geen, Alexander
Using X-Ray Flurescence (XRF) Scanner for Rapid Denodrochemical Anallyeses: A Complement to ring Width and Densitry Chronologies for Sutdying Climate Variability? 4,900  
Cherry, Jessie
Tremblay, Bruno
Schuster, Bill
Frei, Allan
A Dual-Use Snow Research Station 6,000  
Criscitielio, Alison
Tremblay, Bruno
Kelly, Meredith
Glacier Response to Climate Change: The Juneau Icefield, Alaska 6,000  
Jones, Miriam
Peteet, Dorothy
Boreal Tree Response to Climate Change: Expansions and Limitations 6,000  
Nedimovic, Mladen
Blumberg, Dan
Palaeoclimate Reconstruction of the Late Quaternary and Evolution of Aeolian Sand Encroachments in the Northwestern Negev Desert 5,500  
Rinterknecht, Vincent
Gorokhovich, Yuri
Glacial Dynamics Liinked to Climate Change in Kangerlussuaq, Western Greenland 6,060 AGU poster
Whiteside, Jessica
Olsen, Paul
Milankovitch Modification of Lacustrine Ecosystem Development 6,000  
deMenocal, Peter Climate Center support for the visit of Tom Johnson, University of Minnesota 4,123  
2005 January
Barker, Stephen Winckler, Gisela Long term changes in pelagic CaCO3 production and accumulation: implications for atmospheric CO2 4,000  
Brainard, Curtis
Kastens, Kim
Thesis field sampling travel expense 3,750  
Cole, Jennifer Determining the effect of sorting on the radiogenic isotope record of terrigenous (aeolian) detritus off NW Africa over the last deglaciation 4,000  
Downing, Greg Provenance of Ice Rafted Detritus peaks in the Penultimate Glaciation using 40Ar/39Ar dating 4,000  
Fairbanks, Richard Isotope Geology II field trip to Barbados (W4888) 4,000  
Franzese, Allison
Hemming, Sidney
Radiocarbon dating for stratigraphic control of marine sediment cores used to study changes in the Agulhas Retroflection 4,000  
Griffin, Kevin
Bowman, William
Determining the NYC Atmospheric CO 2 Dome from 14 C in Tree Rings 6,000  
Hendy, Erica Climate Center support for reconnaissance U/Th dating of speleothem samples 3,000  
Ho, David Wind and Rain-Induced Air-Water Gas Exchange: A Pilot Study at University of Delaware's Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory 3,000

Progress Report

Resulting Article

Kelly, Meredith
Barker, Stephen
Schaefer, Joerg
Broecker, Wally
Equilbrium line altitudes of late-glacial and Holocene ice extents near the Cordillera Vilcanota and Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru 4,000  
Koutavas, Athanasios
deMenocal, Peter
A Holocene perspective of seasonality and ENSO in the eastern tropical Pacific from oxygen isotopes of individual foraminifera Globigerinoides ruber 6,000  
Schaefer, Joerg
Schluechter, Christian
Lifton, Nat
Reconstruction of Holocene warm periods by cosmogenic nuclide burial dating using 10 Be and 14 C 5,500  
van de Flierdt, Tina The Nd isotopic composition of past North Atlantic Deep Water from deep-sea corals in the North Atlantic 4,000 van de Flierdt et al, 2006 (Paleoceanography)

NSF Award

Zimmerman, Susan
Hemming, Sidney
The Elusive Chronology: Ar/Ar on Mono Craters Ashes 4,000  
Buckley, B.
Cheng, Z.
An exploratory study of arsenic in annual tree rings at an EPA superfund site in Vineland, New Jersey 5,000  
Cole, J.Hemming, S. Development of a uranium-series secular equilibrium standard for carbonate samples 6,000  
Commins, D.
Schaefer, J.
How fast does climate drive erosion? - Constraining Rates of Colorado Plateau Erosion using Surface Exposure Dating 5,960 Schaefer et al , 2006 (Science)
Hendy, E.Hemming, S. Climate center support for speleothem collection in Papua New Guinea 6,000  
Jones, M.
Peteet, D.
Studying the Paleoecology and Paleoclimate of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska – implications for Carbon Storage Change with Climate Change 5,765  
Khatiwala, S.Rutberg, R.Khodri, M. The Glacial Ocean Circulation in a Coupled Climate Model: Comparison withPaleoproxy Records 5,800  
Koutavas, A. Sub-Millennial Scale Paleoceanographic Reconstructions of the Last Glacial Cycle form ODP Site 942, Amazon Fan 6,000  
Rinterknecht, V.
Schaefer, J.
Seager, R.
Greene, A.
Comparing Climate Changes in the Tropics and Mid/High Latitudes - Does Precipitation Drive Tropical Glaciations? 5,980  
Roy, M.
Hemming, S.
Provenance of Hudson Bay Glacial Deposits as a Mean to Constraint Laurentide Ice Sheet Disintegration Paths 5,950  
Rutberg, R.
Khatiwala, S.
Paleoproxy Database Development for the Validation of Tracer Simulation in a Model of the Last Glacial Maximum 1,000  
Seimon, A.
Small, C.
How is Climate Warming Impacting Agriculture at the Altitudianl Limit of Clutivation in the Tropics? 6,000  
Thompson, W.
Goldstein, S.
Millenial-Scale Sea Level Change During Previous Interglacials 6,000  
Van de Flierdt, T.
Hemming, S.
HF Leaching Experiments on Sediments 6,000  
Wright, E.Cook, E. Cellulose d 18O from Subannual Sampling of Pinus Merkusii and Pinus Keisya , Thailand 6,000  
Broecker, W.
Hendy, E.
Speleothems Miniconference 5,000  
Hoenisch, B.
Hemming, G.
Ground-Truthing the Boron Isotope-Paleo pH Proxy in Planktonic Foraminifera Shells: Investigagting the Effects of Temperature and Boron Concentration 6,000  
Abbott, D.
Pekar, S.
Four Different Methods for Dating the Mahuika Impact Event 5,850  
Cherry, Jessie Model Reconstruction of Solid Precipitation in the Arctic 6,000  
Cole, Jenna Comparing 40Ar/39Ar ash dates to U-Pb sedimentary carbonate dates from the middle Miocene: Implications for timing climate change and chronometer cross-calibration 6,000  
Hays, Jim Can C. davisiana accumulation rate variations be used to estimate organic flux to intermediate-water depths? 5,987  
Hemming, S.
Bond, G.
Pilot study of the 40Ar/39Ar dating of ice-rafted basalt clasts as indicators of source areas in the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans 6,000  
Hendy, Erica Climate Center support for synchrotron-based studies of coral and cave deposits 4,655  
Machlus, Malka Accurate and Precise Ar/Ar Dating of Climate Records: Preparing a Suitable Monitor Standard 6,000  
Olsen, P.
Whiteside, J.
Tropical Climate Forcing and Biotic Provinciality in Triassic-Jurassic Pangea 5,998  
Roy, M.
Hemming, S.
Zooming in on the so-called 'precursor events' of Heinrich layers 6,000  
van de Flierdt, T.
Franzese, A.
Setup for flux fusions for Hf-isotopic and 230Thxs measurements in marine sediments 6,000  

Color Key:

Cane, Mark & Peter deMenocal The Role of Ocean Gateways for Plio-Pleistocene Climate and the Onset of Major Northern Hemisphere Glaciations 6000  
Wright, William E. & Cook, Ed Equipment Acquisition Proposal 5955  
Fairbanks, Rick Proposal for Barbados fieldtrip for Isotope Geology II students 3858  
Abbott, Dallas & Kukla, George Magnetic Susceptibility: An Essential Tool for Paleoclimate Climate Studies 6000  
Abbott, Dallas & Pekar, Steve Mahuika Impact Event: Source of Local Climate Change? 5830  
Khatiwala, & Papavasiliou, A Monte Carlo Approach to Climate Modeling 6000  
Rutberg, Randye Constraining the Mechanisms of Detrital 87Sr/86Sr Variability in Southeast Atlantic Sediments 5000  
Shapiro, Josslyn & Griffin, K. Quantifying the Response of Leaf Respiration in the Light to CO2 Concentration at the Duke FACTS1 Facility: Implications for net Photosynthetic Carbon Gain and Carbon Cycle Budgets 2369  
Cao & Chiu Thesis Field Sampling Travel Expense 6000  
Hays, James Bering Sea High-Resolution Paleoceanographic Record 5998  
Hemming, Sidney Proposal to Climate Center for Provenance Transect of Ungava Tills 6000  
Hendy, Erica Proposal 4800  
Jacoby, Gordon Dating and Processing of Archaeological Wood Samples for Dendroclimatology in Mongolia 3280  
Kukla, George Central Arctic: Battleground of Natual and Man-Made Climate Forcings 6000  
Longhi, John Measuring Low-Temperature CO2-H2O Equilibria: Start-Up 6000  
Machlus, Malka 10 k.y. Depositional Cycles or Precession?Estimating the "Geological" Errors for Ar/Ar Ages of Tuffs from the Green River Formation 5980  
Sambrotto/Burckle The Time of Origin of Biogeochemically Important Marine Diatoms and Their Association with Climate Change 6000  
Schaefer, Joerg Climate Changes Recorded in Glacigenic Surfaces on Long Islands, Manhattan, and Hudson Valley 6000  
Slagle, Angela Radiocarbon Dating in the Hudson River Estuary 3500 Withdrawn by PI
Whiteside & Olsen Magnitude and Duration of a CO2 Super Greenhouse at the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary 5500  
Farmer, deMenocal, & Marchitto Holocene variations in South Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures 3000  
Koutavas & Pekar Exploratory coring of shallow marine and lake deposits in the Galapagos Islands to identify high-resolution Holocene sediment sequences 6000  
Marchitto, Thomas Development of ICP-MS techniques to measure trace and minor elements in foraminferal calcite 5000  
Schaefer, Hemming (S) & Winckler Heinrich Events recorded in Mono Lake moraines? Refining the glacial chronology by new Surface Exposure dates Field trip to Mono Lake, California 6000  
Kushnir, Yochanan Proposal to support a Climate Center summer visitor to study linear and nonlinear modeling of high-resolution proxy time series 4200  
Hemming, Sidney Participation in Danish cruise to Nuuk, Greenland-Characterization of Trough Mouth Fan Deposits around the North Atlantic 2100  
Boelman, Griffin, & Stieglitz Relating Spectral Reflectance and Plant Physiology in a Podacarp Forest Ecosystem 5590  
D'Arrigo, Rosanne Tree-Ring Field Investigations to the Crimea, Ukraine and Bulgaria 5750 GRLms.
Dery & Tremblay Investigating the Surface Energy and Mass Budgets of Arctic Sea Ice:Field Trip to Resolute, Nunavut 6000  
Hays/Burckle/ Abbott Did the Ewing Impact Produce a Large Change in the Climate? 3440  
Kaplan, Alexey Use of Optical Character Recognition for Digitizing Climate Data 4647  
Khatiwala, Samar Accelerated Simulation of Passive Tracers in Ocean Circulation Models 3400  
Malinconico & Chillrud Reflected Light Microscopic Pilot Study of Central Park Lake (NYC) Particulate Carbonaceous Combustion Products:Test of Technique for discriminating sources of Aerosol Black Carbon Relevant to Climate and Pollution Research 3400  
Newton, Bob Laboratory Modeling of Arctic to North Atlantic Buoyancy Fluxes 6000  
Pekar & McHugh Developing High-Resolution Climate Records for the Hudson River Region Using an Integrated Approach 6000  
Schaefer & Hemming, S. Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating of Mono Lake Sediments: A Complementary Dating Method to Surface Exposure Dating 5850  
Winckler, Gisela Extraterrestrial 3He in Interplanetary Dust Particles as Climate Tracer - What's the Carrier Phase? 4200  
Biscaye Application for Funds to Support Visit of Zhengtang GUO 5600  
Gregory & Pekar The Miocene Climate Transition in the SE Pacific: Is the Navidad Formation of Chile a Good Register? 3120  
Lall A Mini-Workshop on the Development of Proxy Paleo-Hydrologic Records for North America 5000  
McHugh, Cecilia Assessing Late Holocene Climate Variability in the Hudson Estuary 4800  
Pekar, Stephen Estimating Climate Variability for the Lower Hudson River Region Using a Two-Tracer Approach: Oxygen Isotopes and Mg/Ca Ratios 1910  
Sambrotto and Burckle Biological Markers of Past Climate in Ancient Ice 4759  
van Geen and Zheng High-Resolution climate Records from Laminated Sediments Embedded in Epoxy: Exploration of a New Application for Excimer Laser-Ablation ICP-MS 3000  
Zimmerman, Susan Ice-Rafted Detritus and Dropstones in Pleistocene Mono Lake, CA, as a record of Regional Paleoclimate during the Last Glacial Era 5000  
Broecker & Liu Continuation of 7Be Experiments in the Biosphere 2 Varnish Garden 3000  
Broecker & Liu Planning of a Rock Varnish Educational Display at Biosphere 2 1500  
Chillrud Field Sampling and Chemical Analyses to Support Beate Liepert's Funded Pilot Project on Air Pollution and Climate 6000 New Yorker article
Hemming (S) & Broecker Pilot Study of the K/Ar in Holocene and Glacial Wind Blown Dust and Potential Source Areas 5000  
Hemming, Gary Calcification of Foraminifera and the Boron Isotope Paleo-pH Proxy 3250  
Liepert, Beate Air Pollution and Climate 6000 New Yorker article
Major, Goldstein, & Ryan Using Sr Isotopes to Test Models of Climate-Modulated Sea-Level Changes in the Circum-Black Sea Region 2900  
Schaefer, Joerg Reconstructing Paleoglacations on the Tibetan Plateau by Surface Exposure Dating 5900  
Shaman & Stieglitz Spatial Reconstruction of Land Surface Wetness with a TOPMODEL-Based Dynamic Hydrology Model 6000  
Susanto, Raden Dwi Construction of a Historical Climate Database of Indonesia 6000  
Boelman, Natalie
Stieglitz, Marc
Griffin, Kevin
Determining Optical-Physiological Relationships Via In-Situ Remote Sensing 6000  
Jacoby, Gordon Proposal for a Miniconference on Mongolian Paleoclimatology and Environmental Research 5000  
Van Geen, Lex June Workshop on Baja Sediments 5000 Annual Report
Ho, David T. Rain Induced Air-Water Gas Exchange: Global Effects 2500  
Engel & Stieglitz Measurements of Energy Balance and Evapotranspiration at Black Rock Forest 2678  
Hemming, G. Light Intensity, Nutrient, and pCO2Controls on Boron Isotope Fractionation in Laboratory Cultured Corals 4800  
  CC lecturer: Fred M. Phillips, New Mexico Tech
Stute & Schlosser Miniconference on 'Aquifers as Archives of Paleoclimate' 5000  
Broecker & Liepert "Eemfest" Symposium in Honor to George Kukla 4000  
Buckley & Jacoby Re-sampling birch trees from southern Greenland for dendroclimatic analysis 3300  
deMenocal & Lynch-Stieglitz Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere Circulation Variability during the Late Pleistocene 5000  
Farmer, Kaplan, & deMenocal Developing an isotopic foraminiferal transfer function for reconstructing tropical thermocline structure and heat storage 2000  
  CC lecturer: Robert Royds Dickson, CEFAS, UK
Hemming & Goldstein Os Isotope Climate Studies Using a New Dynamic Multi-Collector ICPMS Technique 3000  
Kukla, George Shipment Costs 1163  
Lambert, Pierre Finger Lakes Site Survey 3860  
Machlus, Malka Orbital Forcing of the Eocene Green River Formation of Wyoming 4500  
Ortiz & Sanyal Modeling stable isotope fractionation in inorganic and foraminiferal calcite 4000  
Rubenstone, James Pilot Study to Re-Examine the Feasibility of U-Series Dating in Mollusks 5000  
Shaman & Stieglitz Prediction of Mosquito Abundance with a Land Surface Hydrology Model 2500  
Takesue, Renee The Paleo-Upwelling Record from a Northern California Shell Midden: The Sensitivity of Climate to Solar Forcing 5000  
Adkins, Jess New Zealand trip to collect & date deep-sea corals 4469  
Bond & deMenocal Miniconference on the Holocene 8000  
Burckle, Lloyd Tracking Deglacial Sea Level Rise on the Argentine Continental Shelf 5000  
Cook and Krusic Exploratory Reconnaissance of Dendroclimatic potential in the Huascaran National Park, Peru 5550  
Cook, Ed Support of Hemant Borgaonkar 3500  
Cullen et al Water Supply and the Middle East 490  
D'Arrigo, Rosanne Dendroclimatic Field work in Northern Canada 6000  
Fleisher & Anderson Field trip to Patagonia 6000  
Greene, Arthur Attendance at Les Houches Summer School 1238  
Griffin & Engel Measurement of Evapotranspiration above Black Rock Forest 6000  
Hemming & Schlosser Start up funds for climate-related research in Lamont's new40Ar-39Ar geochronology Lab 30000  
Hemming, Sidney Analyses of Nd, Sr, and Pb isotopes for the marine sediments from core KL422 and from dust samples 4000  
Koutavas & Lynch-Stieglitz Reconstructing Millennial Scale Variability in Eastern Equatorial Pacific Hydrography Using a Multispecies Isotopic Approach 5700  
Kukla & Hemming, S. Application for the Pilot Study of Ar/Ar Signal in the Early Glacial Dust Deposits 4500  
Kukla, George Sampling of Markers (Czech Republic) 1900  
Langdon, Chris Corals Reefs Meeting at LDEO 6000  
Olsen, Paul Orbital Forcing of Lacustrine Sequences - Argana Basin Morocco - Mapping Pancean Tropical Forcing Gradients 6000  
  CC lecturer: Typhoon Lee, University of Taiwan
Ortiz et al A Pilot Study to Measure Metabolic Rate and Test for the Presence of Ca-ATPase in Benthic Foraminifera 1900  
Peteet & Andreev Alaska and Russian Arctic High-Resolution Vegetation and Climate Records 2250  
  CC lecturer: W. Richard Peltier, University of Toronto
Sanyal, Abhijit Puerto Rico Field trip 3000  
Stute, Martin Development of a Sampling Technique for Gases Dissolved in Pore Waters of Lake sediments 5000  
Tubiello, Francesco Terrestrial Carbon Fluxes in the GISS-GCM 3845  
Van Geen, Lex Cost sharing support for IAI proposal on Coastal Upwelling along the Western Americas 11598  
Potosnak, M. Biosphere 2 measurements 1000  
  CC lecturer: Lui-Heung Chang, Louisiana State University
Sanyal, A. AWI Travel Expenses 3000  
Liu/Broecker/Klapper Rock Varnish, Dead Sea 3500  
Goldstein, S., Bond, G. The Paleo-Dead Sea, Israel 6000  
Jacoby, G. Taymyr Peninsula 6000  
Lynch-S., J., Matsumoto Glacial Pacific Deep Water 6000  
Ortiz, J. A High Resolution Pilot Study 6000  
Peteet, D., Shemesh, A. Linsley Pond, Conn. 6000  
Stieglitz, M. CO2 flux tower measurements 6000  
Anderson, R., Hales Carbonate/Abrupt Climate 8000  
Sohl/Christie-Blick, N. Carbonate Sedimentology... 3282  
Levy, Marina Air-Sea CO2 Exchanges 5500  
Matthews, Elaine Coupling a Dynamic ... Model 6000  
Klapper, Alyssa Israel airfare 1025  
  CC lecturer: Steve Wofsy, Harvard University
Kohfeld, K. Sampling Polar Foraminifera from Multinet Planton Tows from the South Atlantic 2712  
Fairbanks, R. Barbados field trip for Climate Change Students 4213  
Liu, T. Field trip to China & Pakistan 4475  
Hemming, S. Baffin Island Fieldwork 2661  
Hemming, S. Mono Lake Field trip 2845  
Climate Center Lectures Mini Conferences Undergraduate Research Graduate Research Start up Research Projects