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2003-04 Colloquium Schedule  

Earth Science Colloquium at the LDEO

Fridays, 3:30 pm, Monell Auditorium

2003-2004 Schedule (Organizers: Mark Anders and Nili Harnik)

Fall 2003

September 12:  Peter Molnar (University of Colorado)
"The Growth of the Tibetan Plateau: From the Mantle to the Monsoon"

September 19:  Maria Crawford (BrynMawr College)
"Mid-Crustal Megmatism, Deformation and Plate Motions: The Coast Orogen in SE Alaska and Adjacent British Columbia"

September 26:  Don Depaolo (University of California, Berkeley)
"Geochemical Structure of the Hawaiian Plume: Results from the Hawaiian Scientific Drilling Project 3 km Corehole"

October 3:  Paul Ginoux (Princeton University)
"Effects of Dust on the Earth's System: A Modeling Perspective from a Satellite Point of View"

October 10:  Joe Kirschvink (California Institute of Technology)
"A Paleoproterozoic Planetary Suicide Event: Did Gaia Throw Herself off a Cliff"

October 17:  Evan Delucia (University of Illinois)
The Changing Role of Forests in the Global Carbon Cycle

October 24:  Howie Bluestein (University of Oklahoma)
Mobile-Doppler Radar Observations of Tornadoes and Dust Devils” 

October 31:  John Harte (University of California, Berkeley)
"Predicting Ecological Feedbacks to Climate Change: A Daunting Challenge"

November 8:  Sandy Tudhope (University of Edinburgh)
"Variability in the El Nion Southern Oscillation Past, Present and Future"

November 14:  Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher (Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere)
"Unveiling the Great Ocean of Truth"

November 21:  Arjun Heimsath (Dartmouth College)
"Geomorphic Transport Laws: Cosmogenic Nuclides, Topography, and Exciting Landscapes"

December 5:  John Grotzinger (Massechusetts Institute of Technology)
"Did Extinction at the Precambrian-Cambrian Boundary Lead to the Cambrian Radiation of Animals?"

Spring 2004

January 9:  Yue-Feng Sun (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
Elastic and Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Fractured Porous Media: Applications to Reservoir Characterization, Gas Hydrate Research, and Biogeosciences

January 16:  Milene Cormier (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
"A New Understanding of Eruptions and Earthquakes Along Submerged Plate Boundaries"

February 6:  Taro Takahashi (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
"Changes in Surface Ocean CO2 Chemistry in the Equatorial Pacific and Subpolar Oceans"

February 13:  Pall Einarsson (University of Iceland)
"Volcano Forecasting in Iceland: Some Success Stories from the Past and the Present State of Grimsvoln and Katla Volcanoes"

February 20:  Alan Plumb (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"The Statosphere: Circulation, Transport, and Effect on the Troposphere"

February 27:  David Lochbaum (Union of Concerned Scientists)
"Risk of Nuclear Power and Spent Fuel Storage"

March 5:  Becky Lange (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
"Why Continental Crust?"

March 12:  George Philander (Princeton University)
"Can Global Warming Induce a Permanent El Nion? (The Ice Age Record Provides an Answer)"

March 26:  Eli Tziperman (Harvard University)
"Rapid Past Climate Change: It's the Sea Ice"

April 2:  Tim Lyons (University of Missouri)
"3.5 Billion Years of Earth's Evolving Biosphere as Recorded in Marine Sulfur Geochemistry"

April 9:  Richard Kerr (Science)
"Science, the Media, and You"

April 16:  Martin Miller (University of Oregon)
"Turtleback, Chaos, and Crustal Extension in Death Valley, California"

April 23:  Jim Hurrell (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
"20th Century North Atlantic Climate Change: Assessing Determinism and Understanding the Effect of Indian Ocean Warming"

April 20:  John Valley (University of Wisconsin)
"4.4 to 4.0 Ga Zircons: Evidence from the Earth's Earliest Crust and Oceans"

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