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2004-05 Colloquium Schedule  

Earth Science Colloquium at the LDEO

Fridays, 3:30 pm, Monell Auditorium

2004-2005 Schedule (Organizer: Del Bohnenstiehl)

Fall 2004

September 10:  Peter Kelemen (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
"Beyond Earthquakes, Beneath Faults: What Happens Along a Plate Boundary in the Shallow Mantle?"

September 24:  Doug Wiens (Washington University)
"Seismological Constraints on the Dynamics of Island Arc and Back Arc Systems"

October 1:  Chuck Fisher (Pennsylvania State University)
"The Rhizosphere of Cold Seep Tube Worms in the Gulf of Mexico: From Geochemistry to Ecology and Back Again"

October 8:  Mike Evans (University of Arizona)
"A Stable Isotope Approach to Paleoclimatic Records from Tropical Trees"

October 15:  Steve Cohen (Columbia University)
"Understanding Environmental Policy"

October 22:  John Pavlik (Rutgers University)
Transforming the Scientist-Journalist Relationship: Implications of New Media

October 29:  Cathy Weitz (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Science Results from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission” 

November 5:  Bruce Jakosky (University of Colorado)
"Liquid Water and Potential Habitability of Mars"

November 12:  Alan Howard (University of Virginia)
"Four Billion Years of Fluvial Erosion on Mars"

November 19:  Sean Solomon (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
"The MESSENGER Mission to Mercury: Seeking Clues to the Formation and Evolution of the Inner Solar System"

December 3:  Melanie Holland (Arizona State University)
"The Mid-Ocean Ridge Subseafloor: Prime Microbial Real Estate"

December 10:  Rowan Sage (University of Toronto)
"Perspectives on the Evolution of C4 Photosynthesis"

Spring 2005

January 21:  Chaitan Baru (San Diego Supercomputer Center)
GEON: The Geoscience Network

January 28:  Danny Sigman (Princeton University)
"Coupled Measurement of the Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopes of Nitrate in the Ocean: Basic Systematics and an Application in the Eastern North Pacific"

February 4:  Wayne Powell (Brooklyn College)
"Brine Seeps in the Burgess Shale Basin"

February 11:  Emile Okal (Northwestern University)
"Detecting, Simulating, Chasing Tsunamis with Perspective on the Recent Sumatran Event"

February 18:  Chris Small and Deborah Balk (LDEO and CIESIN)
"Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Impacts"

"Who was Affected? The Demography (and Socioeconomic Characteristics) of Tsunami-Affected Population"

February 25:  Larry Mayer (University of New Hampshire)
"New Directions in Seafloor Mapping and Visualization"

March 5:  Lew Ashwal (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa)
"The Problem of Anorthosites - What Have We Learned Since Bowen?"

March 11:  Janice McDonnell (Mid-Atlantic COSEE)
"Scientists Connections: Practical Thoughts on Scientists and Engineers Partnering in Education"

March 25:  Tim Eglinton (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
"Marine Chemistry"

April 1:  Nadine McQuarrie (Princeton University)
"Structural and Geodynamical Evolution of Mountain Belts"

April 8:  Jeff Richey (University of Washington)

April 15:  John Flynn (American Museum of Natural History)
"Cenozoic Andean Paleoenvironments and Tectonic History: Evidence from Fossil Mammals"

April 22:  Delia Oppo (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
"Paleo SST in the Western Subtropical Pacific"

April 29:  Sam Mukasa (University of Michigan)
"Magma Chamber Processes Revealed by an Isotopic and Trace Element Study of the Dufek Layered Maric Intrusion, Antarctica"

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