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2005-06 Colloquium Schedule  

Earth Science Colloquium at the LDEO

Fridays, 3:30 pm, Monell Auditorium

2005-2006 Schedule (Organizers: Michael Studinger and Mark Anders)

Fall 2005

September 16:  Karen Harpp (Colgate University)
"The Origin of the Northern Galapagos Archipelago: Lithospheric Strain and Plume-Ridge Interaction"

September 23:  Robert Pollack (Columbia University)
"The Religious Obligation to Ask Questions of Nature and the State: D. Bonhoeffer on the Projection and Dignity of Human Life, in the Context of DNA-Based Genetic Medicine Today"

September 30:  Karen Fischer (Brown University)
"Seismological Constraints on the Evolution of the Continental Lithosphere"

October 7:  Kare Moran (University of Rhode Island)
"The Arctic Coring Expedition: A North Pole Discovery"

October 14:  Greg Asnerr (Carnegie Institution and Stanford University)
"Finding Invasive Species and Illegal Logging in Tropical Forests"

October 21:  Cecilia Bitz (University of Washington)
The Influence of Sea Ice on Ocean Heat Uptake in Response to Increasing CO2

October 28:  Kip Solomon (University of Utah)
Inert Gas Tracers in Ground Water” 

November 4:  Everett Shock (Arizona State University)
"The Biotic Fringe: Exploring Hydrothermal Ecosystems at Yellowstone"

November 11:  Ann Mulligan (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
"Groundwater at the Coast: Spatial and Temporal Controls on Submarine Groundwater Discharge"

November 18:  Andy Revkin (The New York Times)
"The Daily Planet - A Journalist's Search for Sustainability, from the Amazon to the Arctic"

Spring 2006

February 17:  Paul Fitzgerald (Syracuse University)
Tracking the West Antarctic Rift Flank

February 24:  Suzanne Baldwin (Syracuse University)
"How is Rifting Exhuming the Youngest HP/UHP Rocks"

March 3: Director’s Series on the Science of Diversity - Valerie Purdie-Vaughns (Yale University)
"Identity and Stereotype Threat: Powerful Influences for Career Development, Achievement and Performance"

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