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2006-07 Colloquium Schedule  

Earth Science Colloquium at the LDEO

Fridays, 3:30 pm, Monell Auditorium

2006-2007 Schedule (Organizer: Tina van de Flierdt)

Fall 2006

September 15:  Anthony D. Del Genio (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
"Will Thunderstorms Be Stronger in a Warmer Climate?"

September 22:  Jardetzky Lecture - Barbara Romanowicz (University of California, Berkeley)
"The Origin of the Earth's "Hum": Bridging the Gap Between Seismology and Oceanography"

September 29:  Linda A. Hinnov (Johns Hopkins University)
"Assembling an Astronomical-Calibrated Time Scale for Earth History"

October 6:  Natalie Mahowald (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
"The Role of Humans in Perturbing Atmospheric Iron Deposition"

October 13:  Harriet Zuckerman (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)
"Research Strategies of Men and Women Scientists"

October 20:  Peter G. Hess (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Atmospheric Chemistry in a Changing World

October 27:  Terry A. Plank (Boston University)
Water in Arc Magmas” 

November 3:  Maureen E. Raymo (Boston University)
"Plio-Pleistocene Ice Volume, Antarctic Climate, and the Global d18O Record"

November 10:  Director’s Series on the Science of Diversity - Elke U. Weber (Columbia University)
"Overconfidence and Bias in Decision-Making"

November 17:  Roger G. Barry (WDC/NSIDC)
"Arctic Coastal Climates"

November 24:  Thanksgiving Break

December 1:  W. Rockwell Geyer (WHOI)
"How Does Fresh Water Become Salt Water?  An Assessment of Estuarine and Coastal Mixing Processes"

December 8 to January 12:  Winter Break

Spring 2007

January 19:  Marcia K. McNutt (MBARI)
The Whys and Hows of Ocean Observatories

January 26:  Kenneth H. Nealson (University of Southern California)
"Breathing Metal Oxides for a Living: The Kinetics of Geobiology?"

February 2:  Daniel P. Schrag (Harvard University)
"Microbes, Methane, and their Role in Planetary Geochemistry"

February 9:  Peter U. Clark (Oregon State University)
"Mechanisms for a ~ 7-kyr Climate Oscillation During Marine Isotope Stage 3: Lowblows, Seesaws, Tunnels, Bridges, and Flushes"

February 16:  Göran Ekström (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University)
"Global Seismicity and Unusual Earthquakes"

February 23:  Maria T. Zuber (MIT)
"Inside Mars"

March 2:  Cinzia G. Farnetani (Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris)
"Dynamics and Internal Structure of Mantle Plumes"

March 9:  Director’s Series on the Science of Diversity - Erin Leahey (University of Arizona)
"Gender Differences in Productivity: Research Specialization as a Missing Link"

March 16:  Alex N. Halliday (University of Oxford)
"Isotopes and the Formation of the Earth"

March 23:  Satish C. Singh (Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris)
"Seismic Reflection and Seafloor Images of the Sumatra Andaman Great Earthquake Rupture: Source to Surface"

March 30:  Douglas G. Capone (University of Southern California)
"New Developments in the Marine N Cycle and the Role of Nitrogen Fixation"

April 6:  Christopher R. German (WHOI)
"Hydrothermal Activity on Earth's Slowest Ridges - Physical, Chemical, Geological and Biological Implications"

April 13:  James C. Zachos (University of California Santa Cruz)
"The Magnitude of Ocean Acidification and Global Warming Across the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary"

April 20:  Gavin A. Schmidt (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
"What Good are Climate Models?"

April 27:  Albrecht W. Hofmann (Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry, Mainz / L-DEO)
"Anatomy of the Hawaiian Plume"

Last updated:  April 18, 2007

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