Lamont Projects

Hudson River Water Quality
Lamont researchers in partnership with Queens College and Hudson River Riverkeeper have collected data that are available to the public on sewage indicating microbes.

Water resource issues in Rockland County
The County's water supply faces both quantity and quality issues. Despite the county's moderate population and fairly high annual rain and snowfall, there have been periodic droughts; reservoirs are relatively small compared to annual demand, and groundwater contamination is a problem in some areas.

Climate Kids Corner
Activities designed for younger students focused on topics of climate, including the role of ocean circulation.

Lamont Doherty Core Repository
Educational information on shipboard coring, what to look at in a core, and what is the core repository. 

LEEFS (Learning through Ecology and Environmental Field Studies)
This program is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – the STEM disciplines – and effectively links advanced graduate students and their research to middle and high school teachers and their students in Title I/III schools throughout New York City.

Tree Ring Lab
Presentations and posters on the use of dendrochronology (tree ring dating) in science.

Sounds of Seismology
Using sound to illustrate, explore and reveal the structure and dynamics of the Earth.

Geoscience Data Puzzles
Curriculum Earth Science focused activities using authentic data from the Earth's lithosphere, hydrosphere, and/or atmosphere.

Hudson River Research
Various educational tools developed by Lamont scientists in their research work on the Hudson River.

LACOP – Lamont Atmospheric Carbon Observation Project
A research observation program  made up of a network of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring stations , providing real time and archived CO2 and meteorological data for researchers, students, the general public, and policy makers.

Polar & Climate Curriculum & Education Activities
These activities have been developed through a series of research and outreach initiatives that are ongoing. Each activity has been tested through teacher workshops, classroom work or community events.

Antarctica’s Gamburtsev Province – An expedition to locate subglacial mountains under several miles of glacial ice in East Antarctica. 

NYC Polar Weekend

International Polar Year research scientists provide polar activities and resources on polar science initiatives.