Environmental Tracer Group

Welcome to the Environmental Tracer Group website. We are a collaboration of researches from the Devision of Geochemistry. We use tracers that are naturally present in the envronment, deliberately-injected and transient tracers to investigate earth science problems in the areas of oceanography, continental waters, paleoclimatology, geochronology, and geology.


Learn about the ETG: our history, present and future.

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Group Directory

The ETG is a collaboration of various researchers from the Devision of Geochemistry.

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The ETG plays a leading role in a wide variety of scientific efforts including hydrological studies, reconstruction of paleotemperature and studies of cosmogenic 3He.

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The members of ETG offer a variety of analytical instruments and analytical services.

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Photo Gallery

Discover our exciting reserach in these photo galleries.

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Publications & Material

A list of publications and material taken from presentations.

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Links to associated institutions, external project pages and data repositories.

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Contact us

phone: (845) 365-8737
eMail: etg@ldeo.columbia.edu
fax: (845) 365-8155