Internet Outage - Update - Fixed

There are intermittent Internet outages at Lamont since 3:30 pm today.   We are investigating the issue, and consulting with CUIT.

The internet service was mostly restored at about 4:30pm, but we are still seeing issues with the traffic inbound and out bound.  CUIT and LDEO IT staff are investigating.

Update:  As of noon Feb 15, 2012, we are running on a backup firewall with a slower connection speed (but very realiable), as we suspsect a software/hardware problem with our main firewall unit.   The backup unit will filter our traffic for now, until we find the issue with our main unit, and fix it.

Update:  As of noon Feb 16, 2012, we are back on the main firewall unit, and we are not seeing any issues with the inbound or the outbound traffic .  A software update on the firewall unit was performed.