Welcome to the homepage for Academic Affairs & Diversity. As a leading world-class research institute and home to more than 500 exceptionally talented employees, LDEO is committed to fostering a healthy and vibrant work environment for all. The creation of the Office of Academic Affairs & Diversity in 2008 was a response to the recommendations of the National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE program, aimed at increasing the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women and minority scientists through institutional transformation.

The position of Assistant Director, Academic Affairs & Diversity is housed in the Office of the Director and reflects the commitment of the LDEO leadership to the goal of creating a more diverse community at Lamont. This office has the twin focus areas of:

  1. Enabling better representation of women and minorities among the scientific staff at LDEO

  2. Developing policies and procedures for academic affairs such as appointments and promotions, awards and recognition, salary structures, bylaws and governance, and the advancement of junior scientists and postdoctoral scientists

Since academic affairs and diversity issues are closely intertwined, this office oversees both diversity issues and academic affairs. The ultimate goal of this office is to improve the quality of the work environment for all. Since the creation of this office in 2008 a number of diversity and work environment initiatives have been put in place, and we are still in the process of developing more. These are outlined in the following documents: LDEO Diversity Initiatives 2008-2011 and LDEO Diversity Plan 2011-2014.

We hope this website provides you with useful information about this office. Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, comments or suggestions.              

Kuheli Dutt

Assistant Director

Academic Affairs &




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