2017-2018 Earth Science Colloquium Schedule

FALL 2017

September 8

New Students Welcome Party, DEES, Columbia University

September 15 Kevin Griffin, Columbia University The inhibition of plant respiration by sunlight and its effect on leaf, plant and ecosystem carbon cycling:  Evidence from oxygen isotopes to eddy co-variance  
September 22 John W. Valley, University of Wisconsin, Madison Hadean Zircons are not from Hell: Evidence from Atom Probe Tomography and SIMS  
September 29 Elfatih A. B. Eltahir, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Projections of Future Regional Climate  Change: Examples from Africa and Asia  
October 6 Marine A. Denolle, Harvard University Deciphering earthquake dynamics from broadband seismic radiation  
October 13 Randall Martin, Dalhousie University Global Fine Particulate Matter: Sources, Concentrations, Trends, and Health  
October 20 Deborah Steinberg, College of William and Mary Zooplankton and export around the world  
October 27 Pincelli M. Hull, Yale University Disentangling the signal of biology and environment in records of Cenozoic oceans  
November 3 Twila Moon, University of Colorado, Boulder Ice sheet to ocean: ice motion, ice loss, and icebergs  
November 10 Laure Zanna, University of Oxford Ocean Heat Uptake and Dynamical Sea Level Rise: Past and Future Uncertainty  
November 17 Louisa Bradtmiller, Macalester College Reconstructing wind-driven upwelling during abrupt North Atlantic cooling events  
November 24 Holiday    
December 1 Raymond S. Bradley, University of Massachusetts Reconstructing wind-driven upwelling during abrupt North Atlantic cooling events  
December 8 Eric M. Dunham, Stanford University New Developments in Earthquake Simulations  


January 19 Victor Tsai, California Institute of Technology    
January 26 Katharine Huntington, Univesity of Washington    
February 2 Kari M. Cooper, University of California, Davis    
February 9 Maren Voss, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research    
February 16

Arthur D. Storke Lecture

Sally M. Benson, Stanford University

February 23      
March 2      
March 9      
March 16 Spring Break    
March 23 Jacqueline Gill, The University of Maine    
March 30 Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology    
April 6 Shanan Peters, University of Wisconsin, Madison    
April 13 First Year Colloquium    
April 20 Daniel J. Fornani, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution    
April 27 Rachel Ignotofsky, Rachel Ignotofsky Design    
May 4 Clara Deser, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research    
May 11 David Biello, Science Curator, TED