2014-2015 Earth Science Colloquium Schedule

   Fall 2014

September 12:

Maureen Long

Yale University

"Adventures in Anisotropy at the Base of the Mantle: Seismic Constraints on Deep Earth Dynamics"





September 19:

Joaquim Goes

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

"Shrinking Snow Caps and Rising Tides and a Sea of Change"





September 26:

Sarah Feakins

University of Southern California

"Biomarker Reconstructions of Vegetation and Hydrology"





October 3:

Gwenn Flowers

Simon Fraser University

"Climate Versus Ice Dynamics: Exploring the Drivers of Glacier Change Through Field-Based Studies in the St. Elias Mountains"





October 10:

Natalie Boelman Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

"Arctic Warming: What it Means for the Birds and the Bees"





October 17:

Michael Walter

University of Bristol

"The Deep Carbon Cycle Revealed in Superdeep Diamonds" 





October 24:

Colette Heald

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The Climate, Air Quality and Vegetation Traffic Circle"





October 31:

James Zachos

University of California, Santa Cruz






November 7:

Michael Hedlin

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego






November 14:

Kristine Larson

University of Colorado, Boulder

"GPS Can't Do That, Can It?
How building a GPS Seismometer Led to the Development of a GPS Snow, Soil Moisture, Vegetation, and Tde Gauge Sensor"






November 21:

Becky Alexander

University of Washington, Seattle






November 28:








December 5:

Edward Stolper

California Institute of Technology






December 12:

Alexis Gambis

Imagine Science Films/Imagine Science Lab



    Winter/Spring 2015


January 23:
Kelly Wrighton The Ohio State University




January 30: Raffaele Fererari Massachusetts Institute of Technology



February 6:




February 13:    




February 20: Richard  E. Zeeber University of Hawaii,  Manoa




February 27: Christopher Spiers Utrecht University




March 6:
David Keith
Harvard University




March 13:

Arthur D. Storke Memorial Lecture

Jasoon Bordoff

Columbia University




March 20: Spring Brake  




March 27: Peter Zeitler Lehigh University




April 3: Scott Goetz Woods Hole Research Center




April 10: Colleen Hansel Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution




April 17: Diversity Colloquium  




April 24: Claudia Benitez-Nelson University of South Carolina


May 1:      
May 8: Katherine Maher Stanford University