CFC-113 shows Brazil eddy crossing the South Atlantic to the Agulhas Retroflection region

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1996
Authors  SmytheWright, D.; Gordon, A. L.; Chapman, P.; Jones, M. S.
Journal Title  Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans
Volume  101
Issue  C1
Pages  885-895
Journal Date  Jan 15
ISBN Number  0148-0227
Accession Number  ISI:A1996TQ79200002
Key Words  ocean; thermocline; rings; water; chlorofluorocarbon-11; circulation; confluence; benguela; system

Using the new ocean tracer CFC-113 and other hydrographic and chemical data, we have identified and ''aged'' a Brazil eddy transported across the South Atlantic to the Cape Basin. This is the first observation of such an eddy so far east. It was observed during two RRS Discovery cruises in January and May 1993, and using TOPEX-POSEIDON altimeter data, we have been able to track it between the two locations. TS and nutrient characteristics show that the eddy could not have an eastern Atlantic origin. Comparison with eddies found in the Brazil/Falklands Confluence suggests that this is the most likely source. From the CFC-113:CFC-11 ratio it appears that the eddy is in excess of 4 years old, and from the two sightings and the altimeter data we have estimated a transport rate for the eddy and given credence to the CFC-113:CFC-11 and CFC-113:CFC-12 ageing technique in surface waters.


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