Deep and Bottom Water of the Weddell Seas Western Rim

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1993
Authors  Gordon, A. L.; Huber, B. A.; Hellmer, H. H.; Ffield, A.
Journal Title  Science
Volume  262
Issue  5130
Pages  95-97
Journal Date  Oct 1
ISBN Number  0036-8075
Accession Number  ISI:A1993LZ63500029
Key Words  southern-ocean; gyre

Oceanographic observations from the Ice Station Weddell 1 show that the western rim of the Weddell Gyre contributes to Weddell Sea Bottom Water. A thin (<300 meters), highly oxygenated benthic layer is composed of a low-salinity type of bottom water overlying a high-salinity component. This complex layering disappears near 66-degrees-S because of vertical mixing and further inflow from the continental margin. The bottom water flowing out of the western rim is a blend of the two types. Additionally, the data show that a narrow band of warmer Weddell Deep Water hugged the continental margin as it flowed into the western rim, providing the continental margin with the salt required for bottom-water production.


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