The effect of growing season and summer greenness on northern forests

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2004
Authors  Kaufmann, R. K.; D'Arrigo, R. D.; Laskowski, C.; Myneni, R. B.; Zhou, L.; Davi, N. K.
Journal Title  Geophysical Research Letters
Volume  31
Issue  9
Pages  -
Journal Date  May 7
ISBN Number  0094-8276
Accession Number  ISI:000221333600002
Key Words  vegetation index; time-series; climate; growth; tree-rings

We investigate the physiological effects of the elongation of the growing season and the increase in summer greenness on northern hemisphere forests by examining the relationship between NDVI and tree rings. These variables are correlated during June and July only. These results suggest that NDVI proxies the physiological status of trees and that the summer status of the canopy has a larger effect on tree vigor than the duration of the canopy.


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URL  <Go to ISI>://000221333600002
DOI  Doi 10.1029/2004gl019608