Glacial surface temperatures of the southeast Atlantic Ocean

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2001
Authors  Sachs, J. P.; Anderson, R. F.; Lehman, S. J.
Journal Title  Science
Volume  293
Issue  5537
Pages  2077-2079
Journal Date  Sep 14
ISBN Number  0036-8075
Accession Number  ISI:000171028700071
Key Words  north-atlantic; deuterium excess; geomagnetic paleointensity; antarctic precipitation; interglacial changes; climate-change; ice ages; last; sector; origin

A detailed record of sea surface temperature from sediments of the Cape Basin in the subtropical South Atlantic indicates a previously undocumented progression of marine climate change between 41 and 18 thousand years before the present (ky B.P.), during the last glacial period. Whereas marine records typically indicate a tong-term cooling into the Last Glacial Maximum (around 21 ky B.P.) consistent with gradually increasing global ice volume, the Cape Basin record documents an interval of substantial temperate ocean warming from 41 to 25 ky B.P. The pattern is similar to that expected in response to changes in insolation owing to variations in Earth's tilt.


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