Orogeny in Arc-Continent Collision - the Banda Arc and Western New-Guinea

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1991
Authors  Mccaffrey, R.; Abers, G. A.
Journal Title  Geology
Volume  19
Issue  6
Pages  563-566
Journal Date  Jun
ISBN Number  0091-7613
Accession Number  ISI:A1991FQ66100005
Key Words  parameters; tectonics; sea

Eastern Indonesia contains a modern continent-island-arc collision that demonstrates how a complex juxtaposition of continental and oceanic elements can occur in an orogenic belt. Shallow earthquakes show that strike-slip faulting transports large crustal blocks into, out of, and along the collision zone while crustal shortening and thickening occur by steep-angle thrust faulting near the strike-slip faulting. Whereas strike-slip faulting is paramount in positioning Australian continental rocks so as to enclose the oceanic and island-arc rocks of eastern Indonesia, its role may be overshadowed by the contemporaneous thrusting and may confuse geologic interpretations of the resulting orogenic belt.


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