Self-consistent rolling-hinge model for the evolution of large-offset low-angle normal faults

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1999
Authors  Lavier, L. L.; Buck, W. R.; Poliakov, A. N. B.
Journal Title  Geology
Volume  27
Issue  12
Pages  1127-1130
Journal Date  Dec
ISBN Number  0091-7613
Accession Number  ISI:000084150200018
Key Words  mid-atlantic ridge; passive continental margins; metamorphic core complexes; extension; shear; lithosphere; origin; basin

The nature of the physical processes responsible for the formation of continental and oceanic metamorphic core complexes is widely debated. The controversy focuses primarily on whether the low-angle normal faults observed in these environments formed and slipped at low angles or were rotated from an original high-angle orientation after large offsets. We describe a self-consistent numerical model for the extension of a brittle layer that can spontaneously produce normal-fault structures. In our formulation, a fault or faults form because strength is locally reduced with increasing strain. If the reduction in fault strength is


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