Significance of the vertical profile of the Indonesian Throughflow transport to the Indian Ocean

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Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2004
Authors  Song, Q.; Gordon, A. L.
Journal Title  Geophysical Research Letters
Volume  31
Issue  16
Pages  -
Journal Date  Aug 19
ISBN Number  0094-8276
Accession Number  ISI:000223544200006
LDEO Publication Number  6640
Key Words  climate system; pacific; circulation; models

Using an ocean general circulation model, we find that the vertical profile of the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) transport is important in regulating the stratification and surface heat fluxes of the Indian Ocean. With the same total ITF transport, a thermocline-intensified ITF, relative to a surface-intensified ITF, not only cools the surface layer of the Indian Ocean while warming the Indian Ocean below the thermocline, but also induces negative temperature anomalies at the sea surface throughout the Indian basin. As a consequence of this surface effect the net heat gain of the Indian Ocean is increased. The results suggest that it is necessary to properly represent the vertical profile of ITF transport within ocean and climate numerical models.


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DOI  Doi 10.1029/2004gl020360