Tidal mixing signatures in the Indonesian seas

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1996
Authors  Ffield, A.; Gordon, A. L.
Journal Title  Journal of Physical Oceanography
Volume  26
Issue  9
Pages  1924-1937
Journal Date  Sep
ISBN Number  0022-3670
Accession Number  ISI:A1996VM28400015
Key Words  surface-temperature; internal tides; energy; biscay; bay; dissipation; thermocline; convection; pacific; basins

Expressions of low-frequency tidal periods are found throughout the Indonesian Seas' temperature field, supporting the hypothesis that vertical mixing is enhanced within the Indonesian Seas by the tides. The thermal signatures of tidal mixing vary mostly at the fortnightly and monthly tidal periods due to nonlinear dynamics redistributing tidal energy into these periods. Away from the coasts, the largest tidal mixing signatures are observed in sea surface temperature within the Seram and Banda Seas. Most of the Indonesian Throughflow passes through the Banda Sea where strong vertical mixing modifies the thermocline by transferring surface heat and freshwater to deeper layers before the upper water column is exported to the Indian Ocean. Modulation of vertical eddy fluxes within the Indonesian Seas by fortnightly and monthly tides may act to regulate ocean-atmosphere fluxes.


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