Tree-ring reconstructions of precipitation and streamflow for north-western Turkey

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Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2008
Authors  Akkemik, U.; D'Arrigo, R.; Cherubini, P.; Kose, N.; Jacoby, G. C.
Journal Title  International Journal of Climatology
Volume  28
Issue  2
Pages  173-183
Journal Date  Feb
ISBN Number  0899-8418
Accession Number  ISI:000253694900003
LDEO Publication Number  7012
Key Words  precipitation; streamflow; drought; reconstruction; tree-rings; dendroclimatology; turkey; united-states; spring precipitation; atlantic oscillation; drought; desertification; variability; circulation; connection; widths; series

We describe tree-ring reconstructions of spring (May-June) precipitation and spring-summer (May-August) streamflow for north-western Turkey, both beginning in AD 1650. These are among the first such reconstructions for the region, and the streamflow reconstruction is among the first of its kind for Turkey and the entire Middle East. The reconstructions, which both emphasize high-frequency variations, account for 34 and 53% of their respective instrumental variance. Comparison to precipitation and runoff data provides some means of verification for the instrumental streamflow record, which is very short (30 years). Drought and flood events in the reconstructions are compared to historical archives and other tree-ring reconstructions for Turkey. The results reveal common climatic extremes over much of the country. Many of these events have had profound impacts on the peoples of Turkey over the past several centuries. Copyright (c) 2007 Royal Meteorological Society.


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