Tritium/He-3 dating of river infiltration: An example from the Danube in the Szigetkoz area, Hungary

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1997
Authors  Stute, M.; Deak, J.; Revesz, K.; Bohlke, J. K.; Deseo, E.; Weppernig, R.; Schlosser, P.
Journal Title  Ground Water
Volume  35
Issue  5
Pages  905-911
Journal Date  Sep-Oct
ISBN Number  0017-467X
Accession Number  ISI:A1997XV14000021
Key Words  shallow groundwater; hydrologic tracers; tritiogenic he-3; coastal-plain; chlorofluorocarbons; helium; recharge; aquifer; water

H-3, He-3, He-4, and Ne data were obtained from a shallow ground-water system being recharged by bank infiltration from the Danube River in northwestern Hungary. After correting for excess air,He-4 and Ne concentrations reflect a recharge temperature of about 9 degrees C, close to the mean annual temperature of the Danube (10.4 degrees C). Values of H-3 plus He-3(trit) (''initial tritium'') as a function of the tritium/He-3 age are consistent with time series measurements of tritium in the Danube. Tritium/He-3 ages increase linearly as a function of distance from the Danube along ground-water flow lines. A horizontal flow velocity of about 530 m yr(-1) was derived from the age gradient. Most of the deviations between measured Danube tritium data and ground-water tritium/He-3 data can be explained by dispersive mixing.


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