Structure of the Kaapvaal craton from surface waves

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2001
Authors  Freybourger, M.; Gaherty, J. B.; Jordan, T. H.; Grp, Kaapvaal Seismic
Journal Title  Geophysical Research Letters
Volume  28
Issue  13
Pages  2489-2492
Journal Date  Jul 1
ISBN Number  0094-8276
Accession Number  ISI:000169493700002
Key Words  upper-mantle; southern africa; azimuthal anisotropy; continent

Phase delays of Rayleigh and Love waves from teleseismic earthquakes recorded during the Southern Africa Seismic Experiment have been inverted for upper-mantle seismic velocities along the propagation paths and beneath the station array. Successful models of subarray structure displayed significant radial anisotropy in the uppermost mantle but no shear-wave low-velocity zone, supporting the hypothesis that the lithosphere beneath the Kaapvaal craton is thick. The azimuthal variations of Rayleigh-wave slowness are not consistent with simple models based on SKS splitting observations and anisotropy measurements of Kaapvaal mantle xenoliths. This discrepancy may imply some amount of small-scale heterogeneity in anisotropy.


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