EASTERN US CONTINENTAL SHELF CARBON BUDGET Integrating Models, Data Assimilation, and Analysis

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2008
Authors  Hofmann, E.; Druon, J. N.; Fennel, K.; Friedrichs, M.; Haidvogel, D.; Lee, C.; Mannino, A.; McClain, C.; Najjar, R.; O'Reilly, J.; Pollard, D.; Previdi, M.; Seitzinger, S.; Siewert, J.; Signorini, S.; Wilkin, J.; Team, USECoS
Journal Title  Oceanography
Volume  21
Issue  1
Pages  86-104
Journal Date  Mar
ISBN Number  1042-8275
Accession Number  ISI:000261638400014
Key Words  dissolved organic-carbon; czcs-chlorophyll imagery; warm-core ring; atlantic bight; ocean color; ecosystem model; deep-ocean; matter; phytoplankton; particulate

Sp. Iss. SI382XJTimes Cited:1Cited References Count:65

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