Geodetic observations and global reference frame contributions to understanding sea-level rise and variability

LDEO Publication: 
Publication Type  Book Chapter
Year of Publication  2010
Authors  Blewitt, G.; Altamimi, Z.; Davis, J. L.; Gross, R.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Lemoine, F. G.; Moore, A. W.; Neilan, R. E.; Plag, H.-P.; Rothacher, M.; Shum, C. K.; Sideris, M. G.; Schöne, T.; Tregoning, P.; Zerbini, S.
Editor  Church, J. A.; Woodworth, P. L.; Aarup, T.; Wilson, W. S.
Book Title  Understanding Sea-Level Rise and Variability
Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Pages  428
Chapter  9
ISBN Number  978-1-4443-3451-4