Arsenic in bedrock aquifers in the greater Augusta area, Maine, USA

LDEO Publication: 
Publication Type  Conference Proceedings
Year of Publication  2010
Authors  Yang, Q.; Jung, H. B.; Culbertson, C.; Nielson, M.; Schalk, C.; Johnson, C.; Marvinney, R. G.; Loiselle, M.; Locke, D.; Cheek, H.; Thibodeau, H.; O’Shea, B.; Stute, M.; Zheng, Y.
Conference Name  The Third International Congress on Asenic
Series Title  Arsenic in Geosphere and Human Diseases
Conference Start Date  2010
Publisher  CRC press of Taylor & Francis Group
Conference Location  Taiwan
Editor  Jean, J. S.; Bundschuh, J.; Bhattacharya, P.
ISBN Number  978-0-415-57898-1