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2) 2006 Logging Symposium


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The workshop started with a series of presentations to cover topics of general interest:
• Margo Edwards: 
Marine geology of the Beaufort margin (105.3 MB)
• Backing Bow Movie (9.4 MB)
• Backing Stern Movie (9.4 MB)
• Tom Lorenson, Pat Hart:
Gas hydrate studies of the Beaufort margin (15 MB)
• Charlie Paull: 
Gas hydrate studies of the offshore Mackenzie delta
• Nathan Bangs:
Using seismic data to extrapolate gas hydrate physical properties away from wells (10.7 MB)
• Jocelyn Grozic:
Gas hydrates and slope stability (19 MB)
• Kate Moran:
Arctic climate studies and Arctic drilling
• Dale Chayes:
Logistical and permitting issues involved with marine work in the Arctic (14.5 MB)
• Alberto Malinverno:
Goals and preliminary results of Cascadia IODP Exp. 311
(Scott Dallimore was also scheduled to talk about the Mallik well studies of gas hydrates and permafrost, but had to cancel due to illness).