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• Julian Arnold: 
Mobile NMR & Digital FMS Image Analysis (16.3 MB)
• Tim Brewer: 
Porosity measurements in crystalline rocks, the role of minor and trace elements (4.9 MB)
• Ann Cook: 
Preliminary Results from: National Gas Hydrate Program - India (3.8 MB)
• Dave Goldberg:
Sonic LWD: recent results and challenges (8.3 MB)
Sean Higgins:
The CoreWall Suite (3.5 MB)
• Jenny Inwood:
Logging results from Expedition 310, Tahiti Sea-Level (56.5 MB)
• Gerry Iturrino:
Formation pressures while drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, IODP Expedition 308 (38.9 MB)
• Masa Kinoshita: 
Shallow transect through LWD and wireline logging: First approach to Nankai seismogenic zone study (128 KB)
• Johanna Lofi: 
Sedimentologist and Seismic Stratigrapher (65 MB)
• Alberto Malinverno:
Gs Hydrate Saturations and Their Uncertainies from Chlorinity and Well Log Data at IODP Site U1325 (Exp. 311, Cascadia Margin) (3.8 MB)
• Marc Reichow:
Logging results from Expedition 312, penetrating the crustal section (38.6 MB)
• Sanny Saito:
Development of decollement and fluid flow in subduction margins: Achievement of LWD in Barbados, Costa Rica, and Nankai Trough (5.9 MB)
• Takeshi Tsuji:
Pore pressure near the plate boundary decollement in the Nankai Trough off the Muroto peninsula: Insight from seismic velocity, logging data, and laboratory data (4 MB)
• Jill Weinberger:
Relating resistivity images to stress state at Hydrate Ridge, Oregon (8.5 MB)
• Cascadia Margin Movie (mpg) (5.9 MB)
• Frank Williams:
Gas hydrate research at Leicester (22.1 MB)
• Trevor Williams:
Short and long term changes in biosiliceous production in the equatorial Pacific during the late Cretaceous from FMS data (29.7 MB)