Division Staff Directory:
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
of Columbia University
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000
Palisades, NY 10964-8000 U.S.A.

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Name Info WWW Pub Email Phone Office
@ldeo.columbia.edu (845) 365+
Arnold, Nathan Info:  Nathan Arnold     npa2101@columbia8476106F Ocean
Banner, Michael Info:  Michael Banner    
Barry-Biss, Laura Info:  Laura Barry-Biss     laurabb@8526104A Ocean
Biasutti, Michela Info:  Michela Biasutti Homepage:  Michela Biasutti Publications:  Michela Biasutti biasutti@8512 201C Ocean
Camargo, Suzana Info:  Suzana Camargo Homepage:  Suzana Camargo Publications:  Suzana Camargo suzana@8640301D Ocean
Cane, Mark Info:  Mark Cane Homepage:  Mark Cane Publications:  Mark Cane mcane@8344105B Ocean
Clement, Amy Info:  Amy Clement    
Correa, Gustavo Info:  Gustavo Correa     Publications:  Gustavo Correa gus@8911103D Ocean
Dery, Stephen Info:  Stephen Dery    
DiBlasi, Virginia Info:  Virginia DiBlasi     virginia@8667105C Ocean
Evans, Michael Info:  Michael Evans    
Ffield, Amy Info:  Amy Ffield    
Garzoli Sanchez, Silvia Info:  Silvia Garzoli Sanchez    
Gildor, Hezi Info:  Hezi Gildor    
Giulivi, Claudia Info:  Claudia Giulivi Homepage:  Claudia Giulivi Publications:  Claudia Giulivi claudiag@8576202E Ocean
Gordon, Arnold Info:  Arnold Gordon Homepage:  Arnold Gordon Publications:  Arnold Gordon agordon@8325203A Ocean
Grass, David Info:  David Grass     dgrass@8795105E Ocean
Guan, Xiaorui (Amy) Info:  Xiaorui (Amy) Guan     xguan@8529205E Ocean
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Name Info WWW Pub Email Phone Office
@ldeo.columbia.edu (845) 365+
Hall, Alexander Info:  Alexander Hall    
Harnik, Nili     nili@
Hellmer, Hartmut Info:  Hartmut Hellmer    
Henderson, Naomi Info:  Naomi Henderson Homepage:  Naomi Henderson Publications:  Naomi Henderson naomi@8320106D Ocean
Houghton, Robert Info:  Robert Houghton     Publications:  Robert Houghton houghton@8328202C Ocean
Huber, Bruce Info:  Bruce Huber Homepage:  Bruce Huber Publications:  Bruce Huber bhuber@8329202D Ocean
Iannuzzi, Richard Info:  Richard Iannuzzi Homepage:  Richard Iannuzzi Publications:  Richard Iannuzzi iannuzzi@8839106C Ocean
Jacobs, Stan Info:  Stan Jacobs     Publications:  Stan Jacobs sjacobs@8326205B Ocean
Jenkins, Adrian Info:  Adrian Jenkins    
Kamenkovich, Vladimir Info:  Vladimir Kamenkovich    
Kaplan, Alexey Info:  Alexey Kaplan Homepage:  Alexey Kaplan Publications:  Alexey Kaplan alexeyk@8689103C Ocean
Kushnir, Yochanan Info:  Yochanan Kushnir Homepage:  Yochanan Kushnir Publications:  Yochanan Kushnir kushnir@8669104B Ocean
Le Bel, Deborah Info:  Deborah Le Bel     Publications:  Deborah Le Bel lebel@8696206A Ocean
Lee, Donna Info:  Donna Lee     Publications:  Donna Lee dlee@8739106G Ocean
Liang, Xinfeng Info:  Xinfeng Liang     xliang@8529205E Ocean
Lichtblau, Laura Info:  Laura Lichtblau     llicht@8574203C Ocean
Liu, Haibo Info:  Haibo Liu     Publications:  Haibo Liu haibo@8486103H Ocean
Manandhar, Deepa Info:  Deepa Manandhar     deepa@8831105A Ocean
Martinson, Doug Info:  Doug Martinson Homepage:  Doug Martinson Publications:  Doug Martinson dgm@8830105D Ocean
Mele, Phil Info:  Phil Mele Homepage:  Phil Mele Publications:  Phil Mele pmele@8575202B Ocean
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Name Info WWW Pub Email Phone Office
@ldeo.columbia.edu (845) 365+
Nakamura, Jennifer Info:  Jennifer Nakamura Homepage:  Jennifer Nakamura Publications:  Jennifer Nakamura jennie@8594103F Ocean
Newberger, Tim Info:  Tim Newberger     tnewberg@8790105 Geosci
Ou, Hsien Wang Info:  Hsien Wang Ou     Publications:  Hsien Wang Ou dou@8338206C Ocean
Previdi, Michael     Publications:  Michael Previdi @columbia8631301E Ocean
Pujiana, Kandaga Info:  Kandaga Pujiana     kandaga@8571202A Ocean
Reverdin, Gilles Info:  Gilles Reverdin    
Robertson, Robin Info:  Robin Robertson Homepage:  Robin Robertson rroberts@
Rosen, Larry Info:  Larry Rosen     Publications:  Larry Rosen rosen@8340104E Ocean
Seager, Richard Info:  Richard Seager Homepage:  Richard Seager Publications:  Richard Seager seager@8743104D Ocean
Smerdon, Jason Info:  Jason Smerdon Homepage:  Jason Smerdon Publications:  Jason Smerdon jsmerdon@8493201A Ocean
Sobel, Adam Homepage:  Adam Sobel ahs129@columbia8527204E Ocean
Stieglitz, Marc Info:  Marc Stieglitz    
Tessler, Zachary Info:  Zachary Tessler     ztessler@8529205E Ocean
Thurnherr, Andreas Info:  Andreas Thurnherr Homepage:  Andreas Thurnherr Publications:  Andreas Thurnherr ant@8816205D Ocean
Tillinger, Debra Info:  Debra Tillinger     debrat@8571202A Ocean
Ting, Mingfang Info:  Mingfang Ting     Publications:  Mingfang Ting ting@8374104C Ocean
Tourre, Yves Info:  Yves Tourre    
Tremblay, Bruno Info:  Bruno Tremblay Homepage:  Bruno Tremblay tremblay@
Visbeck, Martin Info:  Martin Visbeck    
Wang, Daiwei (David) Info:  Daiwei (David) Wang     dwang@8694103B Ocean
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Name Info WWW Pub Email Phone Office
@ldeo.columbia.edu (845) 365+
Witter, Donna Info:  Donna Witter    
Yonekura, Emmi Info:  Emmi Yonekura     ey2111@columbia8795301F Ocean
You, John Yuzhu Info:  John Yuzhu You    
Yuan, Xiaojun Info:  Xiaojun Yuan Homepage:  Xiaojun Yuan Publications:  Xiaojun Yuan xyuan@8820204D Ocean
Zambianchi, Enrico Info:  Enrico Zambianchi    
Zappa, Christopher Info:  Christopher Zappa Homepage:  Christopher Zappa Publications:  Christopher Zappa zappa@8547206B Ocean
Zheng, Quanan Info:  Quanan Zheng    
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