Pictures considered for the SRL memorial article


During the summer of 2007, as we began to write the memorial to Vitaly that was eventually submitted to Seismological Review Letters (SRL), we knew we would have to choose a photograph to go with our writing. 


It was difficult to make the choice, because he had so many facets. 

Should we choose one from his days in Central Asia, perhaps with children, or villagers? 

Should we choose one from his days in the United States? 

One that brought a smile?  A tear? 

A picture of Garm (he always had one on the walls of his office, showing the main buildings in their mountain setting)?


We finally chose a picture taken in 1976 by Tanya, showing Vitaly in their home in Garm, working with three students:



Others we considered were the following, beginning with three pictures of Garm:


Garm in 1953









Vitaly and his daughter Lena



Vitaly with people of Tajikistan



A simple picture, May 3 2003



With a smile and a tie, in 2005



Vitaly in retirement, April 2006 in Palo Alto, California, after a successful operation to mend his broken hip



Dressed for HalloweĠen, 2005.  This one would probably not have been appreciated by the editor (of Seismological Review Letters)!