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AGES Publications

Below is a list of all publications that have made use of the AGES facility (*indicates student author) .

Pierce*, E.L., Williams, T., van de Flierdt, T., Hemming, S.R., Brachfeld, S.A., Goldstein, S.L. (in press: Paleoceanography): Characterizing the sediment provenance of East Antarctica’s weak underbelly: the Aurora and Wilkes sub-glacial basins. doi:10.1029/2011PA002127.

Williams, T., van de Flierdt, T, Hemming, S. R, Chung*, E., Roy, M., and Goldstein, S. L., 2010, Evidence for iceberg armadas from East Antarctica in the Southern Ocean during the late Miocene and early Pliocene, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 290, 351-361. [pdf]

Anders, M. H, Saltzman*, J., and Hemming, S. R., 2009, Neogene Tephra Correlations in eastern Idaho and Wyoming: Implications for Yellowstone Hotspot-Related Volcanism and Tectonic Activity, Geological Society of America Bulletin, 121, 837-856. [pdf]

Brueckner, H. K., Avé Lallemant, H. G., Sisson, V. B., Harlow, G. E., Hemming, S. R., Martens, U., Tsujimori, T., and Sorensen, S. S., 2009, Metamorphic reworking of a high pressure-low temperature mélange along the Motagua fault, Guatemala: A record of Neocomian and Maastrichtian transpressional tectonics, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 284, 228-235. [pdf]

Cipriani, A., Bonatti, E., Seyler, M., Brueckner, H. K., Brunelli, D., Dallai, L., Hemming, S. R., Ligi, M. Ottoline, L., and Turrin, B., D., 2009, A 19 to 17 Ma amagmatic extension event at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Ultramafic mylonites from the Vema Lithospheric Section, G-cubed, Article Number Q10011. [pdf]

Roy, M., Hemming, S. R., and Parent, M., 2009, Sediment sources of northern Quebec and Labrador glacial deposits and the northeastern sector of the Laurentide Ice Sheet during ice-rafting events of the last glacial cycle, Quaternary Science Reviews 28, 3236-3245. [pdf]

Lewis, A. R., Marchant, D. R., Ashworth, A. C., Hedenas, L. Hemming, S. R., Johnson, J. V., Leng, M. J., Machlus, M. L., Newtown, A. E., Raine, J. I., Willenbring, J. K., Williams, M., and Wolfe, A. P., 2008, Major Mid-Miocene cooling and extinction of tundra in continental Antarctica, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 105, 10676-10680. [pdf]

Selkin, P. A., Gee, J. S., Meurer, W. P., and Hemming, S. R., 2008, Paleointensity record from the 2.7 Ga Stilwater Comples, Montana, 9, G-cubed, Article Number: Q12023.[pdf]

van de Flierdt, T., Hemming, S. R., Goldstein, S. L., Gehrels, G. E., and Cox**, S. E., 2008, A case for the pan-African origin of the Gamburtsev Mountains, Geophysical Research Letters, 35, Article Number: L21303. [pdf]

Jagoutz, O., Muntener, O., Manatschal, G., Rubatto, D., Peron-Pinvidic, G., Turrin, B.D., Villa, I.M., 2007, The rift-to-drift transition in the North Atlantic: A stuttering start of the MORB machine?: Geology, v.35, p1087-1090, doi: 10.1130/G23612A.1 [pdf]

Lewis, A. R., Marchant, D. R., Ashworth, A. C., Hemming, S. R., Machlus, M. L., Baldwin, S. L., 2007, A Miocene-aged transition from wet- to cold-based alpine glaciation in the western Olympus Range, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica, Geological Society of America Bulletin 119, 1449-1461. [pdf]

Peck*, V. L., Hall, I. R., Zahn, R., Grousset, F., Hemming, S. R., and Sourse, J. D., 2007, The relationship of Heinrich events and their Europan precursors over the past 60 kyr BP: a multi-proxy ice rafted debris provenance study in the North East Atlantic, Quaternary Science Reviews, 26, 862-875. [pdf]

Roy M., Clark, P. U., Duncan, R. A,. Hemming S. R., 2007, Insights into the late Cenozoic configuration of the Laurentide Ice Sheet from 40Ar/39 Ar dating of glacially transported minerals in midcontinent tills, G-cubed, 8, Q09006, doi:10.1029/2006GC001572.[pdf]

Roy, M., van de Flierdt, T., Hemming, S. R., and Goldstein, S. L., 2007, 40Ar/39Ar ages of hornblende grains and bulk Sm/Nd Isotopes of Circum-Antarctic glacio-marine sediments: Implications for sediment provenance in the Southern Ocean, Chemical Geology 244, 507-519. [pdf]

Julien*, E., Grousset, F. E., Hemming, S. R., Peck, V. L., Hall, I. R., Jeantet, C. and Billy, I., 2006, Contrasting conditions preceding MIS3 and MIS2 Heinrich events, Global and Planetary Change, 54, 225-238. [pdf]

Peck*, V. L., Hall, I. R., Zahn, R., Elderfield, H., Grousset, F. E., Hemming, S. R., and Scource, J. D., 2006, High resolution evidence for linkages between European ice sheet instability and deep North Atlantic circulation, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 243, 476-488. [pdf]

Zimmerman*, S. R. H., Hemming, S. R., Kent, D. V., and Searle**, S. V., 2006, Revised chronology for late Pleistocene Mono Lake sediments based on paleointensity correlation to the global reference curve, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 252, 94-106. [pdf]

Vogel, S.W., Tulaczyk, S., Carter, S., Krukoski, J., Renne, P., Turrin, B, and Grunow, A., 2006, Geologic Constrains on the Existence, Distribution of West-Antarctica subglacial volcanism: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 33, L23501, doi:10.1029/2006GL027344.[pdf]

Davidson, J., Hassanzadeh, J., Berzins, R., Stockli, D.F., Bashukooh, B., Turrin, B., and Pandamouz, A., 2004, The geology of Damavand volcano, Alborz Mountains, northern Iran: Geol Soc Am Bull v. 116, p. 16-29. [pdf]

Harlow, G. E., Hemming, S. R., Avé Lallemant, H. G., Sisson, V. B., and Sorensen, S. S., 2004, Two HP-LT serpentinite-matrix mélange belts, Motagua fault zone, Guatemala: A record of Aptian and Maastrichtian collisions. Geology, v. 32, p. 17-20. [pdf]

Hemming, S. R., and Hajdas, I., 2003, Ice rafted dedtitus evidence from 40Ar/39Ar ages of individual hornblende grains for evolution of the southeastern Laurentide ice sheet since 43 14C ky. Quaternary International, 99-100, 29-43. [pdf]

Hemming, S. R., Hall, C. M., Biscaye, P. E., Higgins*, S. M., Bond, G. C., McManus, J. F., Barber*, D., and Broecker, W. S., 2002, 40Ar/39Ar ages and 40Ar* concentrations of fine grained sediment fractions of North Atlantic Heinrich layers. Chemical Geology, 182, 583-603. [pdf]

Hemming, S. R., Vorren, T. O., and Kleman, J., 2002, Provinciality of Ice Rafting in the North Atlantic: Application of 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Individual Ice Rafted Hornblende Grains, Quaternary International, 95-96, 75-85. [pdf]

Kent, D. V., Hemming, S. R., and Turrin, B. D., 2002, Laschamp Excursion at Mono Lake?, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 197, 151-164. [pdf]

Manatschal, G., Froitzheim, Rubenach, M., Turrin, B.D., 2001, The role of detachment faulting in the formation of an ocean-continent transition: insights from the Iberia Abyssal Plain. In "Non-volcanic rifting of continental margins: evidence from land and sea", Wilson, R. C. L., Whitmarsh, R. B., Taylor, B. and Froitzheim, N. (eds). Geol. Soc. London, Spec. Publ.,187, 405-428.

Hemming, S. R., and Rasbury, E. T., 2000, Pb isotope measurements of sanidine monitor standards: implications for provenance analysis and tephrochronology, Chemical Geology, 165, 331-337. [pdf]