Sonya Dyhrman’s LAb at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

Microbial Oceanography Group

Members of the Dyhrman group are broadly interested in how phytoplankton interact with their geochemical environment, looking at
the interface of microbial physiology and the biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen and phosphorus. 

Group members are using a suite of approaches  to examine nutrient assimilation in model cultures and field populations.  This research emphasis provides advanced training for graduate students and is also used as a framework for the development and implementation of inquiry-based educational activities for children.


Back to Columbia Day - Columbia University Alumni Association Event

Our lab hosted hands-on activities at Back to Columbia Day on July 27, 2014.  Kids (and adults ) built their own phytoplankton using everyday materials of various shapes and densities to simulate adaptations that slow sinking.  Participants "raced" their phytoplankton in an aquarium to see which phytoplankton sank the slowest.  Visitors also had the opportunity to look at live phytoplankton under a microscope!

LAB Highlights

Mónica Rouco (bottom right) judges whose phytoplankton sank the slowest at Back to Columbia Day.